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Space Engineers Server IP's

  • Sigma Draconis Lobby |
  • Draconis Impossible |

Here at Sigma Draconis Space Engineers we have 12 servers interconnected into a single map. Depending on what coordinates you are located on the map determines which backend hardware you are running on - but it's all one world with everything synced! All you have to do is fly around to travel!

In addition to these main servers, we also have an Events server which we hold all of our events and contests in and a Private Patreon Server for seeing new and upcoming stuff we will be implementing into the game. You can become a Patron by visiting here .

We are running our 12 Torch-based Space Engineers Servers across 4 Machines hosted in a Datacenter out of Los Angeles, CA - 4 x i9-9900k Machines each with 64gb of RAM.

  • We currently run over 40 mods (many of which are custom built by us) and consider suggestions from the community for more.
  • No player world PCU limit, with reasonable utility block and grid limits to keep server performance high.
  • Modified version of Tech Blocks to offset those block limits and provide end game content
  • One time supply drop pod for every player to help you get established, along with custom spawn pods and Progression disabled for a rapid start.
  • Custom NPCs and Mods built by our admin team, along with admin-led Storyline and Lore events.
  • Our own custom star systems with modded planets and moons, many of which were made in-house!
  • Unlimited world size, venture out as far as you want or live close to the action. Note that further than 10,000 km from center, your location will be broadcast!
  • PVP is enabled and encouraged, with alliances between factions and player pirates. We also make use of a 'grid blaster' function to encourage PvP where individual grids fall outside of excessive limits.
  • Scripter Role is enabled and monitored for the health of the server, simply ask for the role in the Discord by making a ticket in the #support channel.
  • Ongoing events that will result in changes to the systems and/or rewards for players, with our dedicated Events server.
  • A Hangar system to allow you to store some of your grids for later use.
  • Relative top speed! How fast your grid goes depends on how much mass it has

Server Settings

  • Player Inventory - x25
  • Cargo Inventory x2
  • Refinery Speed - x3
  • Assembler Speed -x3
  • Grinder Speed - x3
  • Welder Speed - x3
  • Large Grid Max Speed: 140m/s
  • Small Grid Max Speed: 200m/s
  • Player Max Speed: 210m/s
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