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Space Engineers Server IP's

  • Sigma Draconis |
  • Tau Draconis |
  • Delta Draconis |
  • Epsilon Draconis |
  • Theta Draconis |
  • Lambda Draconis |
  • Omicron Draconis |
  • Gamma Draconis |
  • Draconis Impossible |

Here at Sigma Draconis Space Engineers we have eight main servers interconnected, six of which are Home servers you can live in. We have a Transit server which connects all servers together, and a special server to function as a trading center.

In addition to these 8 main servers, we also have an Events server which we hold all of our events and contests in and a Private Patreon Server for seeing new and upcoming stuff we will be implementing into the game. You can become a Patron by visiting here .

Sigma, Tau, Delta, Epsilon, Theta, and Lambda are `Home` systems. You are free to spawn here, build your bases/ships and generally live in them.

Theta, Lambda, and Tau have ring/belt asteroid generation around planets only, the remaining home systems use random procedurals systemwide

Omicron is our `Transit System`, it links the other systems and is home to extreme dangers. You may not live in this system, it is for transitory use and will be purged on a regular basis. Travel through it, hunt the NPCs, generally enjoy it, but do not set up bases or long term operations.

Gamma is home to the ARC, a trading center managed by ACME, our resident NPC faction.

We are running our 8 Torch-based Space Engineers Servers across 4 Machines hosted in a Datacenter out of Los Angeles, CA - 4 x i9-9900k Machines each with 64gb of RAM.

  • We currently run over 40 mods and consider suggestions from the community for more.
  • No PCU limit, with reasonable utility block limits to keep server performance high.
  • Modified version of Tech Blocks to offset those block limits and provide end game content, to also encourage interaction through our gate network.
  • One time supply drop pod for every player to help you get established, along with custom spawn pods and Progression disabled for a rapid start.
  • Custom NPCs and Mods built by our admin team, along with admin-led Storyline and Lore events.
  • Our own custom star systems with modded planets and moons.
  • Unlimited world size, venture out as far as you want or live close to the action. Note that further than 10,000 km from center, your location will be broadcast!
  • PVP is enabled and encouraged, with alliances between factions and player pirates. We also make use of a 'grid blaster' function to encourage PvP where individual grids fall outside of excessive limits.
  • Scripter Role is enabled and monitored for the health of the server, simply ask for the role in the Discord by making a ticket in the #support channel.
  • Ongoing events that will result in changes to the systems and/or rewards for players, with our dedicated Events server.
  • A Garage system to allow you to store some of your grids for later use.
  • Use a jump gate to move from any of our main servers to Omicron, and from there to any of the other systems. You can bring your grids with you!

Server Settings

  • Player Inventory - x25
  • Cargo Inventory x2
  • Refinery Speed - x3
  • Assembler Speed -x3
  • Grinder Speed - x3
  • Welder Speed - x3
  • Large Grid Max Speed: 140m/s
  • Small Grid Max Speed: 200m/s
  • Player Max Speed: 210m/s
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