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Solace is a single specific instance that is part of our main cluster here at Sigma Draconis. It has some different rules and settings as compared to the rest of the main cluster.

Solace is a PVP FREE environment. Any player-on-player is not permitted and will have consequences that encompass all of Sigma Draconis SE offerings.

Noted below are any different server settings than what is seen above:

  • Player Inventory - x25
  • Cargo Inventory x2
  • Refinery Speed - x1
  • Assembler Speed -x1
  • Assembler Efficiency -x1
  • Grinder Speed - x2
  • Welder Speed - x2

In addition, due to it's lack of PVE, Solace has a 100k world pcu per player limit; but has a 100 slot hangar with no pcu limit that is separate from the rest of the main cluster hangar, and allows saving/loading of static grids and in-gravity. Be careful loading dynamic grids in gravity, as if you are not nearby, concealment will cause them to crash to the ground if they were not already landed/parked before being hangared.

Solace has no NPC's currently (economy or otherwise), and while we do plan to eventually add combat NPC's we do not plan to add Economy NPC's. This means there is no way to get Tech components in Solace directly – you will need to wait until we can establish our in-out transit system for Solace to be able to bring in Tech from the other main cluster servers. No custom Draconis Ores can be found in Solace either.

  • Part of the same Nexus. Character, faction, wallet, etc. info will be synced.
  • Mechanical and rules-enforced safe area (no safe zones), no PvP allowed
  • Reduced refining and assembling rates compared to main cluster- No source of tech, no NPC trade stations, no rare ores
  • 100k PCU total in-world per-player PCU limit
  • Has a separate Hangar from main cluster
  • Will be connected (eventually) to rest of cluster via a jump gate
  • Currently available only by spawning directly (not available just yet)
  • A separate "solar system" distant from Sigma Draconis. Cannot be reached like normal "instances"
  • Procedural asteroids everywhere in space
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