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Sigma Draconis

Sigma Draconis is currently on the fourth iteration of our world environment. Founded in January 2019, thousands of hours have been put in to developing a fun and engaging multiplayer world utilising both community-driven and privately developed mods and Torch plugins. In conjunction to this, our expansive Discord allows us to enhance this game play with a "Nations" based meta-game environment.

The existing Sigma Draconis world comprises of a gas giant, 3 planets, two moons and a nebula sector where jump drives are disabled, and scanners can see your every action. These areas are seperated in to "sectors" utilizing Casimir's Nexus sectoring application/plugin, which splits the game world in to seperate instances. This allows performance to be consistently high in each sector, and enables travel between Torch servers as though you were simply flying around a normal star system.

Asteroids are either in small clusters in space, or within the visible rings around several of the planets - there are no randomly floating asteroids in the middle of space.

There is much to explore, a fantastic set of modded blocks producing end-game content, a custom weaponcore-driven weapons pack enabling very well balanced mechanics to build your vehicles and bases in your own style, and intriguing diplomatic and role-play opportunities in our Factions-Within-Alliances gameplay.

In addition to all of these features, we host other servers within this environment:

• Events server controlled and managed by our dedicated Events team, where we periodically host a variety of activities and custom one-off maps.

• A private Patreon-only Server for previewing new and upcoming features we will be implementing into our world. You can become a Patron by visiting here .

For our Retro cluster, we run our 8 Torch-based Space Engineers Servers across 4 Machines hosted in a datacenter out of Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada - 4x Xeon E-2288G Processor Machines each with 64gb or 128GB of RAM, clocked up to a higher speed. Across all of our server environments for Space Engineers we use 7 machines total with the same specifications, handling roughly 30 torch instances total.

  • Over 50 mods (many of which are custom built), with suggestions from the community considered for more.
  • No world PCU limit, with reasonable utility block and grid limits to keep server performance high.
  • Modified version of Tech Blocks to offset those block limits and provide end game content.
  • One time supply drop pod for every player to help you get established, along with custom spawn pods and Progression disabled for a rapid start.
  • Custom NPCs and mods built by our admin team, along with admin-led storyline and lore events.
  • Our own custom star system with modded planets and moons, many of which were made in-house!
  • Unlimited world size, venture out as far as you want or live close to the action. Note that further than 10,000 km from center, your location will be broadcast to all!
  • PVP is enabled and encouraged, with alliances between factions and player pirates. We also make use of a 'top grid' function to encourage PvP where individual grids fall outside of excessive sizes.
  • Scripter Role is enabled and monitored for the health of the server, simply ask for the role in the Discord by making a ticket in the #support channel.
  • Ongoing events that will result in changes to the system and/or rewards for players.
  • A Hangar system to allow you to store your grids for later use. An automatic Hangar system stores your grids after 3 days of inactivity. More information on the Hangar can be found in the navigation bar to the left.
  • Relative top speed! How fast your grid goes depends on how much mass it has.

Server Settings

  • Player Inventory - x25
  • Cargo Inventory x2
  • Refinery Speed - x3
  • Assembler Speed -x3
  • Assembler Efficiency-x3
  • Grinder Speed - x3
  • Welder Speed - x3
  • Large Grid Max Speed: 250m/s
  • Small Grid Max Speed: 350m/s
  • Player Max Speed: 410m/s
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