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Trade Outposts

Become a Draconis billionare in 5 easy steps!

Option 1
Sell ores to outposts
-This works in the same way as keens vanilla economy, connect your ship to the station, select the ores you wish to sell, make profit.

-Where did the money go? All funds are deposited directly into your account, no space credits or ATM’s needed!

Option 2
Take mining contracts
Mining contracts can be purchased at outposts/Olympus, once purchased go and mine the requested ore and bring it back to the station!

- The contract item is not needed once generated, throw it into space and itll be claimed by the cleanup!
- To see the status of contracts in progress use the ‘!contract info’ command in game.

- Cannot be completed with hand mining ship drills only.
- Cannot be completed if drills are on subgrids
- Can be completed using shared grids.
- Can only be handed in at the same station that it was taken from.
- Payout increases with rep increase.

- Rep only increases with contracts selling ores directly does not effect the rep
- 250 Rep provides the option for a second contract

Option 3
Sell quantum datacores
collect from KOTH sites, more information on these may be found here (add link to KOTH write up)

Option 4
Sell wolf house transmission data
Collected from wolf probes… Dangers? Unknown… Location? Unknown…. Time to start exploring!!

Option 5
Sell ingots/tech to facilities
Similar to the ores sold to outposts you just connect your ship and sell the ingots/tech!
However the facility will generate modules dependant on what is sold!
You can take these modules to be sold at shipyards the same way for additional profit!

-Does selling tech generate modules? - Yes! However only in specific values (8 of each elite generator and capacitor/ 16 of each proficent or 32 enhanced)
-What ingot generates what module? We cant give you all the details! But ask around or experiment :)

Extra notes
- How do I buy tech? - tech is generated when you sell Exotic ores/datacores or wolfhouse transmission data to outposts and olympus station, you will need to experiment to find out how much you need!
-Whats special about Olympus?- Olympus station is the ‘lore hub’ for the server in addition it sells tech at much higher prices then if you purchase it elsewhere and is the only place to purchase zone chips and dirkcoin.
-What are zonechips and dirkcoin used for?- these are used to power safezones at alliance waystations and to purchase upgrades for an alliance. More information on alliances can be found here (add link to alliance wiki)
When do the stores refresh?- While their Offers store block updates regularly, their Orders store block sometimes takes a bit longer, either refreshing at restarts or at a 'random' interval.
-Are all the stations of a type the same?- Each station type has a different pricing model, plus a different tech conversion rate. I'll leave the discovery of these up to you all.
-Can i use modules in my ship builds?- No! these are a trade only commodity so you can sell them without worrying about needing them later!

There are a number of stations that come in many varieties, some designed to orbit near a stellar body, while others are deployed to a planets surface. These are located at:

GPS:Exolia Ground Outpost:-3512426.68:21090.76:-2911596.81:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Khar Ground Outpost:3463596.85:-8553.33:2802291.08:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Satreus Ground Outpost:-2869728.86:-50529.83:3426998.07:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Vali Ground Outpost:2816759.96:3917.85:-3463188.08:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Exolia Space Outpost:-3385318.14:-17938.48:-2782537.37:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Khar Space Outpost:3485234.67:-91909.91:2956812.83:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Satreus Space Outpost:-2823531.37:129158.98:3483010.91:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Vali Space Outpost:2915641.74:-33378.94:-3574030.4:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Sigma Draconis Junker Space Outpost:-179626.21:27106.5:248718.08:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Exolia Space Facility:-3571676.18:97148.29:-2972221.57:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Khar Space Facility:3503940.29:98511.22:2781409.02:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Satreus Space Facility:-2946871.49:-97019.66:3488494.97:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Vali Space Facility:2876607.14:105441.27:-3369663.7:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Exolia Space Shipyard:-3286429.02:30871.07:-2700305.9:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Khar Space Shipyard:3229045.95:-18492.14:2781016.82:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Satreus Space Shipyard:-2701496.29:-7934.24:3273384.3:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Vali Space Shipyard:2714717.68:16367.06:-3271359.7:#FF639FF1:
GPS:Olympus Station:3889320.04:-747280.76:449221.62:#FF639FF1:

GPS:Terra Mining Outpost:2286671.63:-10894.18:-5237.23:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Terra Planetary Outpost:2292427.39:-29930.88:65062.95:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Terra Space Outpost:2017896.18:12074.1:2474.81:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Mars Mining Outpost:-1547121.95:396659.35:-181143.29:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Mars Planetary Outpost:-1603756.4:410489.38:-130443.48:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Mars Space Outpost:-1580906.19:510981.85:-223109.74:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Ganymede Mining Outpost:2564857.36:2551162.81:280120.28:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Ganymede Space Outpost:2594889.57:2551355.76:277772.38:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Ceres Facility:-1984801.84:1677594.2:-766212.52:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Saturn Facility:820604.2:-3542811.73:-508676.06:#FF7FF175:
GPS:Luna Shipyard:2638360.56:-17276.52:-2603.27:#FF7FF175:

Warp gates

GAIA warp gates. These are massive ring like structures dotted around the four main starter planets to generate a system wide highway for those without the jump drives, tech, or large grid hauler ships to make the long journeys on your road to explore or trade with the GAIA stations. These are located at:

GPS:GateA1 Exolia to Vali:-3264784.16:30509.7:-2701973.78:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateA2 Vali to Exolia:2686709.69:16740.3:-3263199.59:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateB1 Vali to Khar:2714290.61:18223.6:-3251505.41:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateB2 Khar to Vali:3221647.03:-24171.59:2756254.68:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateC1 Khar to Satreus:3209664.57:-31799.92:2782678.58:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateC2 Satreus to Khar:-2676458.41:-11331.11:3266435.02:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateD1 Satreus to Exolia:-2701339.7:-9551:3249764.68:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateD2 Exolia to Satreus:-3276348.44:30363.71:-2674293.78:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateE1 Sigma to Olympus:-9423.03:-153341.3:227570.4:#FFF890FF:

GPS:GateE2 Olympus to Sigma:3877530.13:-746370.87:447202.62:#FFF890FF:

No doubt these gates are not required to travel the star system, as jump drives and mass drives are much more efficient ways to go where you want to go, but they provide the option to make other considerations for your long distance ship besides stacks of jump drives, and avoid passing directly through the nebula should you not want to cross paths with pirates.

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