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Main Cluster Change Notes

Maintenance Changes

- Removed some unused/obsolete plugins

- Added Auto Moderator, more info to follow

- Moved asteroids

- Fixed KOTH autocommands for time change

Additionally, weekly maintenance will be moved forward 1h to 8pm PST due to the time change, this is to keep maintenance in sync with server restart times (edited)
Auto Moderator Info:

Auto Moderator is a Torch plugin to let players moderate the server lag themselves.
This plugin will,
send out visible warnings to server-necking players;
let them profile themselves and let them know how to fix it;
if they ignored the warning, punish their ass (in a variety of ways).


For now, we have our configs set to .4ms/f per grid, and 1ms/f per player, we will raise/lower these as needed

Grids or players exceeding these limits will have their laggiest grid shutdown, grid location will not be broadcast.

A list of player commands is available here,

Config Changes

- Replicated QuantumHangar Save & Load restrictions across all servers

- Added Alliance Hangar Save & Load restrictions, these match the QuantumHangar restrictions

- Fixed SENDS16 hangar configs, grids will now load at saved position

- Adjusted Alliance Cap Site configs to have six five minute capture checks, this will reduce chat spam and hopefully not break discord announcement channels

Sectoring Changes
- Exolia and Vali surface were moved into SENDS07

- Capture Sites Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta were moved into SENDS09
Misc. Updates

- Moved asteroids

- Reduced the cost of the Alliance Repairyard by half on all upgrade levels (base level remains the same)

- Reduced the time per cycle of the Alliance Repairyard by one third on all upgrade levels (base level remains the same)

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