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Do not try to cleverly skirt the intentions of any of these rules or limitations while sticking to the letter of it.

1. Do not be an asshole; racism, bigotry, harassment, personal attacks, religion, politics, exploits, NSFW, advertising, explicit language, impersonating other players/factions/staff, or pinging/DMing staff will not be tolerated. No alt accounts are permitted, in game or in Discord. This server is run by adults who volunteer their time, we will not tolerate bullshit. In addition, all communication in public channels must be in English for ease of moderation.

2. Your Discord nickname must be set to match your In-Game name (case-sensitive) unless it interferes with any of the other games we host. Should this be the case, please state your in game name when you open a ticket or include your minecraft username in your discord nickname like so "Azazel [Nero_viperus]". Please note we will not be able to help you without being provided with your in game name.

3. Player actions that put heavy stress on the server will be investigated. If your builds are made in a way that's not performant we will ask you to either scale down your build or point you in the direction of ways to make it more performant. Should you not comply with our request in a reasonable time frame we may be forced to remove your build in order to keep the servers at optimal performance. Remember, this isn't a solo world, you are sharing this server with others.

4. If you are unsure, open a ticket and ask first. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from them, we will usually be tolerant of first offenders but if you are uncertain whether a decision will qualify as a rule break, open a ticket and ask first. We will not tolerate boundary pushing, gray areas/technicalities do not skirt the purpose of the rules.

5. Any system that is used to "claim" areas/chunks are there for the protection of your base/items. While some provide a visual representation of the claimed areas on a map etc, it is not acceptable to abuse this by using it to find other players. Using it to find other players and harass them (lurking at their base, running into their house and not leaving etc), encircle them or attempt to trap them is a violation of rule 1 and will be dealt with accordingly. Also, please consider that if someone has set up far away they may want to enjoy some privacy. Please respect that choice.

6. Staff are here voluntarily. Do not use the channels as a way to vent your frustrations by personally attacking the staff. If you disagree with their moderation please contact either the community liason team via DM or contact any of the following: Joyfulasteroid, Nuka, Mordor or Azazel. You may also open a ticket about the issue.

7. Impersonating staff (setting your name to be close to the name of an active staff member or talking as if you are a staff member) will not be tolerated.

8. Any issues with staff should be raised in a ticket or via a DM to the Community Liason team

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