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Getting Setup:

There are a few options for downloading the modpacks we are hosting. The one we advise people to use is the curseforge app.

Using this link to download the app provides easy access to the packs we use.

From here its as simple as finding the packs we host , downloading the pack to the app. Checking the version we are on is the same as the version you download (we try to keep as up to date as possible however this isnt always possible) and launching.

(Guide provided by digitalCalibrator)

An alternative way of setting up the packs can be found and explained in this explination through MultiMC,

Some packs we offer need to be downloaded from FTB team. This includes our stoneblock2 server. Link here will take you to the FTB website where you can download any packs as well as get yourself the app for the packs available through FTB

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