New Engineer Contracts

These contracts are provided to help new arrivals in the Draconis Cluster get a nice bankroll going, as well as make sure they're exposed and familiar with some basic aspects of gameplay. Completing the whole set is worth 640 million credits, but if you fully complete each contract and submit you'll receive a bonus of 360 million for a total of 1 billion credits! Now that's walking around money!

Please note, to make these contracts manageable for staff to administer, you may only submit contracts for completion once so be sure you've done all those you are interested in before pulling a ticket to get your rewards!

Fill a large grid large cargo container with stone, then refine it all. Provide screenshots of the cargo full of stone, then the cargo with the results of the refining for verification.

Reward: 60 million per refined cargo, max 3/player.

Take a screenshot with three different asteroids with your Ore Detector active so their ore indicators are visible in the screenshot.

Reward: 60 million per surveyed trio, max 3/player.

Travel to any of the Trade Stations on the starter datapad and broadcast antenna at 1km for 1 minute to confirm the relay system is working. You must have built your antenna before entering the safe zone around the Trade Station. Take screenshots at the start and end of your 1 minute broadcast for verification.

Reward: 20 million per location, max 3/player.

Travel to any Trade Station and check their current buy and sell offers and provide this information to ACME via screenshots of all items available to buy and sell.

Reward: 40 million credits per location, max 3/player

Install at least 4 weapons systems on your vessel or base.

Reward: 60 million for confirmed installation, max 1/player.

Install a Jump Drive on your vessel.

Reward: 40 million for confirmed installation, max 1/player.

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