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Khava-Ghul: The Mercenary Guild

We have no plans for the Mercenary Guild at this time.

The Mercenary Guild, sometimes simply referred to as "MERC," the Guild, or the KG's, are an elite group of not just accomplished combat pilots, but operatives versed in intrigue, strategy, sabotage, and all facets of war. Mercenaries have exclusive access to lucrative Contracts, ranging from the simple bounty, to more strategic and specific campaigns and tasks.

The Khava-Ghul is lead by a shadowy figure that is called the "Primus," but whose true identity is not publicly known. The Primus issues all Contracts, handles all payment, and settles any disputes within the Guild. In order to maintain central authority, the Primus limits each Crew to three operatives, lest any one faction grow in influence and power enough to challenge his own.

Membership within the Guild is highly competitive. When the Primus first invited Draconis Engineers, the limited number of Crew spots available were filled by means of the Grand Tournament, where each Crew was pitted against each other to determine the most capable teams. As well, a Crew can be Challenged by those seeking to take their spot, and so must always keep their skills sharp and their tech cutting edge.

Before pulling a ticket to apply for entry to the Guild, you should have all of the following prepared and ready before you open your ticket:

  1. Clickable Discord names/links for yourself and up to 2 additional Crew members.
  2. 1 <50k PCU warfighting vessel per Operative. These will become your Insured vessels.
  3. 100 million credits per Crew Operative for initial registration, paid only if membership is attained.
  4. 300 million credits for Challenger Fee, paid for issuing Challenge, non-refundable.
  5. An appropriate Crew name.
  6. The name of an existing Mercenary Guild Crew you would like to challenge for their position.

Once your application is processed, assuming the Crew you wish to Challenge is not currently "Protected" due to another recent Challenge, an arranged combat will be scheduled. If your Crew is successful in the Challenge, the Challenged Crew will be removed and your Crew will take their place.

When a new Crew wishes to get membership within the Guild, they must first Challenge and defeat an existing Crew for their position.

When a Challenge is issued, the Challenged Crew enjoys the right to define the parameters of the fight, including:

  • Location of the Challenge.
  • Number and PCU of grids allowed (including grids that detach, such as PMWs).
  • Three potential times for the Challenge, starting no sooner than 3 days from receiving the Challenge.


  • Location: Okeanos Surface
  • Grids: 2 x <50k PCU, 1 x <30k PCU, no PMWs
  • Times: Wednesday 5PM Pacific, Thursday 1PM Pacific, Saturday 10AM Pacific

Then, the Challenger must prepare the specified grids, choose one of the offered times, and pay the Challenger Fee of 300 million credits. If the Challenger is unable to do so, or does not show for the Challenge, their Challenge fails and those players may not attempt to Challenge another Mercenary Guild Crew for 1 month.

If a Challenger meets the grid requirements and appears for the arranged Challenge time, but loses their fight against the Challenged Crew, they may not attempt to Challenge another Mercenary Guild Crew for 1 week.

If a Challenged Crew fails in defending their spot, they are removed from the Mercenary Guild and the Challenger Crew takes their position. The Challenger Crew becomes Protected from Challenge for 2 weeks and cannot be Challenged until that time has passed.

If a Challenged Crew succeeds in defending their spot, they are Protected from Challenge for 2 weeks and cannot be Challenged until that time has passed.

  1. Mercenary Guild Operatives receive access to lucrative Contracts that can be completed for pay.
  2. Mercenary Guild Operatives receive Asset Insurance on one warfighting vessel <50k PCU. At initial acceptance of application, the Operative may submit their required vessel for insurance. If the vessel is destroyed or heavily damaged while carrying out a Mercenary Guild Contract, it will be replaced in whole by Asset Insurance, and the remaining wreck removed. This benefit triggers a one week cooldown between uses. Be sure to collect evidence to support your insurance claim!
  1. A MERC Operative that becomes Affiliated to a Nation will be immediately removed from the Mercenary Guild.
  2. A MERC Operative that wrongfully harms a Pilot of the PAL Designation, or a Member of the TTN Designation, will be at risk of removal from the Mercenary Guild, depending on the circumstances. An accidental damage that is repaired brings no risk for a MERC Operative.
  3. A MERC Operative is expected to maintain a balance in their wallet to cover monthly dues of 100 million credits for each Operative. If a MERC Operative's personal wallet is not sufficient to cover dues at time of withdraw, they will be removed from the Mercenary Guild.
  4. A MERC Operative's Crew is expected to complete at minimum 1 Contract per month to retain their membership in the Mercenary Guild.
  5. A MERC Operative or Crew remains in the Mercenary Guild at the discretion of the Primus. MERC Operative's should endeavor to maintain a positive relationship and interactions with this NPC.
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