Heads of State

Each Nation's core Leadership is comprised of the three Heads of State: the Chancellor, the Trade Minister, and the Admiral.

Mechanically, these Heads of State are the ones directly empowered with the rights and powers detailed below. There is no way to mechanically impede upon this process. Conceptually, all additional power and authority within your Nation's system derives from these foundational rights and powers.

For example, take the Chancellor's power of Exile. Exile is no small thing to consider, given the obvious implications for those Exiled, and the costs involved for the Nation choosing to Exile. This "death penalty" becomes the measure backing up all incremental measures before it. If your Nation has established that it is illegal to attack another Citizen, and anyone found guilty of doing so must pay a space credit fine to cover both damages and restitution, it is the threat of exile that backs up this legal requirement. If the guilty party refuses to participate within the established law and pay their due, they can be Exiled by the Chancellor.

The Chancellor and Trade Minister roles are filled by a regular, admin-regulated-and-run election through direct vote of a Nation's Citizens (detailed in Civics 101.) The Admiral is mechanically appointed by the Chancellor, but each Nation should develop a process by which they expect their Chancellor to make that appointment.

For all executions of Rights and Powers, or in adhoc decisions that arise, the official indicator of the exercise of a power or execution of a decision is to preface with "By My Will:"
For examble, "By My Will, the faction of the Dastardly Dashers is hereby Exiled." Rights and Powers may be used in a ticket format, or through the Nation's Heads of State channel in Discord.

Notice- This system, and its documentation, is in ongoing development and subject to change. This is also current only with currently-live metagame features and systems, and will be expanded as more features are launched.

The Chancellor enjoys the power of Squelch.

The Power of Squelch gives the Chancellor the ability to silence an individual within National communications for a period of 24 hours. The Power of Squelch may be used no more than once before a 24-hour cool-down is activated before it can be used again. The use of the Power of Squelch requires no expenditure, unless the Power is on cool-down. If the Power of Squelch is on cool-down, a Chancellor may make additional uses of this Power at an expenditure of 10 million credits per use.

The Chancellor enjoys the power of Exile.

The use of the Power of Exile triggers a 7 day cool-down of the Chancellor's ability to perform Exile. The use of the Power of Exile requires an expenditure per-member of the faction being Exiled. The amount of this expenditure will mature with the economy.

Current Expenditure per Exiled Member in a Faction: 12,500,000 Space Credits

The Chancellor enjoys the power of Admiral Appointment.

The use of the Power of Appointment is available to the Chancellor at all times when the Admiral position is vacant. The use of the Power of Appointment may also be used to remove a current Admiral, at an expenditure of 100 million credits. When a new Chancellor has assumed this power for the first time, they are able to remove the current Admiral in favor of a vacant seat or a direct replacement at no cost. When an Admiral has been appointed, a 7 day cool-down begins within which another Admiral may not be appointed, even if the Admiral position becomes vacant.

The Trade Minister enjoys the power of Withdrawal.

The Power of Withdrawal may be exercised at any time to make a withdrawal from a Nation's Financial Reserve to the account or account(s) directed by the Trade Minister at the time of withdrawal. Any withdrawal that is made of 10% or greater of the Nation's Financial Reserve produces an automatic notification to that Nation that the withdrawal has occurred. A Trade Minister is limited to making no more than one withdrawal per 24 hour period, but may disburse those funds as desired in one transaction to any number of wallets.

The Trade Minister enjoys the power of Waystation Management.

This power can be exercised (for elements outside Trade Minister's direct control) during weekend "metagame maintenance" as well as in up to 6 additional "service calls" across the one month term. This power allows the Trade Minister to:

  1. Set the price at which Quantum Datacores are purchased at their Nation's Waystation (up to current value cap.)
    1. A Nation's Financial Reserve receives funds each week based on datacores sold to their Waystation. This amount is equal to value cap - purchase price per Quantum Datacore.
  2. Set the price at which Tech Components are sold at their Nation's Waystation.
    1. Each Nation receives a base amount of Tech each week to sell from their Waystation at prices of their choosing. All proceeds from these sales go into a Nation's Financial Reserve.
  3. Convert delivered datacores into additional Tech during weekend metagame maintenance once cores are counted. This additional Tech may be directly physically received by the Trade Minister, or added to the Nation's Tech store's supply.
  4. Set the content for many of the Waystation's LCDs.
  5. Set the parameters for the Waystation Survival Kit, and who may access it.
  6. Set the parameters for the Waystation's Hydromodule.

The Admiral enjoys the power of Patrol Designation

This power can be exercised during weekend metagame maintenance to designate a GPS point in the system. This GPS point denotes a zone in all directions to 50km, within which a Nation's Stellar Law Enforcement may perform paid Patrol duty for that week until the following maintenance window. This locality should suggest an obvious territory, such as a roid cluster or ring, a Waystation, a planetary body, etc. Note that Stellar Law Enforcement may never perform any duties in a Necessary Conflict zone such as within 50km of a Strange Matter Observatory.

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