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Draconis Roleplay Primer

In order to articulate and express this shared world together, there's a few things we need to be on the same page about. If you're operating from a "Battlestar Galactica" point of view and I'm all "Star Wars," our interactions are going to be confusing, clunky, and unsatisfying. In order to get on that page together, we've provided the following "primer" information for anyone interested in getting involved with the Draconis story and roleplay.

Life in the Verse
Core assumptions about the game universe:

FTL Travel :

  • Jump Drives enabled Mankind to cross incredible distances in a short time, making travel between planets trivial.
  • The more-recent development of the Warp Drive and associated Jump Gates allows for non-trivial, but possible travel between star systems that would’ve previously taken generations to reach. It is not fully known outside of ACME how the Jump Gates are created or function.

FTL Communication and Perfect Encryption :

  • Applications of quantum super positioning and a robust relay network have enabled FTL communication across the sector. Intersystem communication is routed through the Jump Gates, but can also travel traditionally with only slightly longer (nanoseconds) arrival time.
  • Perfect Encryption and widespread blockchain trust network deployment makes “spoofing” of communications impossible. Likewise, interception and manipulation of communications is impossible. This rule will only ever be broken by plot, and cannot be broken by player agency.

Governance ​​​

  • The old Terran style of Governments are gone, long-supplanted by the Mega-Corporation.
  • Small regional pseudo-Governments do appear from time to time, but are generally more just alliances between corporations.

Corporations ​​​​​​

  • The default organization of human activity for the past few centuries, from the size of a single Engineer all the way to the MegaCorps and their colossal numbers.
  • The MegaCorps take the place of traditional Governments in most of settled space, handling disputes and maintaining infrastructure to support their never-ending quest for growth and profit.


  • Player-Engineers represent the largest unifying demographic in Draconis. NPC Corporations wield vast wealth and resources, but each individual corp is very low in membership compared to Player-Engineers as a whole.
  • Total remaining population of Mankind in the Draconis Sector is estimated to be in the low 1000s.


  • Cloning technology has progressed to the point that it is completely trivial for most Engineers to replace their bodies completely, some even adopting the practice of doing so for mere convenience and not necessity.​
  • For a clone to be viable for consciousness transfer, it must’ve been created within days or weeks of use to be appropriately compatible.


  • Human consciousness, while still the subject of great philosophical debate, has largely been mapped as far as the underlying physiological phenomena and understood through the development of cloning technology.
  • This advance has brought Mankind to the bleeding edge of cybernetics, digital consciousness, and the development of true AI.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Though the development of true AI was long prevented by both technical limitations, old-world Governmental regulation, and a general hesitance and unease from the MegaCorps, it has recently seen a strong surge forward in quality and fidelity.
  • As the emerging field of true AI unfolds, many Corps are rushing to deploy it throughout their operations, favoring the lower error rate, decreased support required, and other benefits of using AI over live personnel.


  • Many centuries previous, in order to put a stop to the endless private currencies, chits, and credit systems then in use, a coalition of MegaCorps worked together to establish the Space Credit as the central human currency.
  • Operated as an owner less system through blockchain trust networks replicated in essentially every single Corporation’s intranet, it has stood many challenges and the test of time: remaining a safe, secure, and reputable store of value.


  • Following the event that separated the people of Draconis from the rest of mankind, the Draconis Standard Year was established using a 'Julian' format, containing 365 days as the old calendars. It is represented as DSYa.b, where "a" is the current chronological year since founding, and "b" is the current day count.
  • In regular use, old conventions including the days of the week and months of the year are still used for simplicity.

Engaging with Draconis Lore.
There's many ways to get involved with the Lore and Roleplay that Draconis has to offer.

Take advantage of our various Discord in-character channels. These are places where players are speaking and interacting as their "persona." Negotiate a trade deal, insult a rival, or discuss current events. It all starts with communication.

Currently Available IC Channels

  • Comms-Relay: A place for general in-character chatter.
  • SDNN: The Sigma Draconis News Network, a place for official broadcasts from organizations, made available to a representative of every faction with at least two members. War declarations go here.
  • Captain's-Log: A place to drop a slice of life from the perspective of your character, and get some insight into the stories of others.

Participate Staff-driven Story is happening in Draconis all the time!

Along with our various IC channels and Lore posts, we communicate story primarily through Story Modules.

Story Modules
From simple vessels in distress needing a repair, to intricate tales of corporate intrigue and sabotage, to full-on enemy invasions!

  • Story modules can happen anywhere, at any time, and tend to be very rewarding for those who engage with them. For the Engineer who wants to be a part of history, we suggest the following:
  • Keep a general Rescue and Repair ship at the ready. Stock it with some basic components, design it with the ability to refuel, and you'll be set to hop on those distressed vessels (and their lucrative gratitude) faster than your competitor.
  • Prepare a vessel for System Defense! There comes a time when we must put aside our differences to defend against mutual enemies. Keeping some sort of war-ready vessel available to help repel invaders, or simply rescue a peaceful trader waylaid by pirates, will make sure you get to be a part of the action.
  • Pay attention to the various in-character channels above for clues and overt notices about story elements currently in play to help you know what to expect, and how to avoid (or seek out!) danger.
  • Reach out and interact with other players, share intelligence and clues, and organically uncover the story together.
  • All actions have consequences, be mindful of the choices you make! All choices made during the modules affect the world around you! So next time you see that broken door, repairing it might help you!

We strive to create a fun, deep, and interesting backdrop for your adventures through our communication of story, but in truth, the best story waiting to be told in Draconis is yours. Pave your own path through the stars, and build your sandcastle as you see fit! Band together with others to protect your claim and prosper together. Develop partners, friends, rivals, and bitter enemies. Experience the exhilaration of victory, and the crushing agony of defeat.

The world is yours!
Go and claim it.

Making an Honest Living
For the Lawful Engineer, many opportunities abound in the Draconis sector.

  • Mine, Build, Trade, and Haul
  • Design, Contract, Consult, and Iterate
  • Explore, Discover, Investigate, and Analyze
  • Scout, Survey, Plot, and Navigate
  • Patrol, Escort, Defend, and Protect
  • Claim, Conquer, Control, and Oversee

Making a Dishonest Living
For the Criminal Engineer, many opportunities abound in the Draconis sector.

  • Rob, Extort, Threaten, and Plunder
  • Infiltrate, Unveil, Reveal, and Info trade
  • Comb, Scan, Triangulate, and Locate
  • Destroy, Disable, Sabotage, and Scuttle
  • Board, Hack, Capture, and Salvage
  • Sneak, Avoid, Evade, and Outsmart
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