Draconis History

During the 21st century, Mankind entered a new age of progress enabled by the creation of the Jump Drive. Journeys that used to take weeks or months could now be completed in hours. This revolutionary change truly opened the Sol system to industrial and economic exploitation on an unprecedented scale. In the face of the massive new wealth being generated, the old governments of Earth and Mars struggled to maintain relevancy in a world where any single MegaCorp alone rivaled their power, wealth, and sovereignty.

In short time, the old notion of liberal humanism faded along with the governmental systems it created, replaced completely by the MegaCorp. National and geographic identity gave way to identifying with one’s Corporation, which many Engineers would work with from birth to eventual death.

With the normal cycles of human life interrupted by the distance and scope of living in space, increased research and development was put into the medical sciences, and specifically in perfecting the art of cloning and consciousness-transfer. As the lifespan for an individual began to be measured in centuries, and the prospect of final death became less of a certainty, Mankind began to celebrate her own glory and entered a Golden Age of wealth creation and scientific advancement.

The Golden Age was not to last, and the sleepy confidence of a prospering Mankind was caught wholly by surprise by the arrival of the Order. It is still not known from where they came, nor their goals, nor if they are even human. What is certain, however, is their brutal efficiency and tenacity in destroying all works of Mankind that they discovered, and eradicating any human life therein.

The first sign of the Order came in the form of outposts on the edge of colonized space within Sol going completely dark in an instant. When later attacks occurred and some footage survived for broadcast, it was learned why: The Order when they struck appeared in such great number, and with such great ferocity, that their targets hardly had time to realize an attack was taking place before they were reduced to atoms.

Panic began to consume Mankind as the Order continued their campaign of total destruction across the system. The Aeronautics Consortium of Mars and Earth, a successful MegaCorp of the time, believed they had the solution. They had long been working to attempt to use natural wormholes to allow travel across incomprehensible distances. Though the technology was then still highly theoretical, a massive effort ensued by both ACME and other MegaCorps to pour resources into what was thought to be Mankind’s best hope of survival in the face of the Order.

Within a few weeks, the effort had paid off. The first Warp Gate, that first version only capable of a single one-way journey, was completed. The survivors of Mankind made haste to the Departure zone, and in a fateful flash left the Sol system behind. When the psychic load and physical destabilization of the journey cleared from the survivors, they found themselves in their new home: the Alpha Draconis system.

In a new home not unlike the system they had had to abandon, Mankind quickly put tragedy behind them for the opportunity in front. Though much had been lost, an untapped and unclaimed system laid before them and their machines of industry were itching to get to work turning the raw stuff of the cosmos into the great works of Mankind.

This respite and vigor was unfortunately short-lived, as after a short time the Order appeared in the edges of the system, apparently somehow having followed Mankind through the Wormhole. Panic ensued once more, and again with the cooperation of the rest of Mankind ACME set to work constructing a new Jump Gate through which to escape.

The weakness of the original design was corrected such that ACME was confident the Order would be unable to follow, and Mankind collected once more to escape, leaving behind a promising new home for the unknown.

Following the Second Exodus, Mankind began to settle in what they’d hoped would be their final home, Sigma Draconis. After some time, it became clear that the Order had not been able to follow as they had the first time, and life started to again settle into some new normalcy.

The untouched riches of the system were plentiful, and thus quickly the terror and loss so recently experienced began to fall by the wayside, replaced by the classical Frontiering spirit of Mankind. The survivors began to organize themselves into new corporations, and life began to feel “normal” once more.

Given this period of relative peace, ACME was able to focus on refining their fledgling Warp Gate technology, and thus accomplished the first stabilized Warp Gate allowing regular travel in both directions. Settlers, prospectors, and fortune-seekers began to pour into the newly-connected system of Tau Draconis, and for a while, life was good.

What began as a series of strange signal broadcasts of an unknown type across both Tau and Sigma, soon escalated into an event that would change the fate of Mankind. The novel energy, which came to be called “White Noise,” soon escalated in severity, with emissions causing celestial bodies to disappear completely in the days following its initial appearance.

It quickly became clear that the White Noise emissions were building to a critical level that ACME scientists believed would soon encompass the entirety of the sector, decimating all systems. In haste ACME constructed the Refugee Stations, one each in Sigma and Tau. They piled upon them every defensive technology available, including several still at the super-experimental phase. It was clear to them that this attempt would be an all-or-nothing chance at surviving the impending White Noise emission that was expected to destroy the sector.

When the final White Noise emission came, just as was feared, every scrap of matter in the sector was atomized. Only the Refugee Stations survived, which ACME owed to their extensive protections. However, something unexpected followed: in the nanoseconds following the destruction, there was a second emission of White Noise energy on the same scale. This emission, however, restored all previously-existing natural objects back to existence. Every planet, moon, and asteroid had reappeared as if it had never occurred.

Following the emissions, it was discovered that everything had changed. Now instead of the dual systems of Tau and Sigma, a Jump Gate network existed connecting them as well as the newly-revealed Delta and Epsilon systems through a central nexus known as Omicron. Each Gate bore clear signs of ACME origin, and though publicly ACME did not counter this perception, internally they knew they’d created no such structures.

Perhaps most-startlingly, it was found that the entirety of both Refugee Stations had been duplicated down to the atom and smallest detail, including the cryosleeping Engineers within. As Engineers began to awake, their “doppleganger” would flatline, resulting in a mystery that would afterwards be referred to as the “Dual Body Problem.” In order to prevent extreme psychological damage, ACME quietly disposed of all duplicated clones as the other awakened, jettisoning the biomass into space.

After recovering from the initial shock of such a dramatically changed sector, Engineers quickly set to work rebuilding and reclaiming the network of systems for Mankind. Old organizations were reinvigorated, and new ones appeared, as all sought to make their way and carve out their share of a fresh and wild sector.

Discovered by a junior intern at a small Astronomic Mapping firm, the Binary Pulsar was immediately recognized as a critical threat. The Pulsars were observed rotating in such a way that it was calculated their emission beams would soon pass through the accretion disk of the Omicron black hole, sending streams of high energy particles at near the speed of light hurtling towards the settled parts of the sector.

Evacuation efforts began immediately, and thanks to the hard work and cooperation of many Engineers and corporations, was completed without any serious loss of assets or human life. Striking first the system of Epsilon, those who dwelled there escaped to other systems in the sector, waiting for the event to pass. The work of the Epsilonians set a clear example that was followed in other systems as the Pulsar Beam progressed, and the event came to be seen as an example of the power of Mankind’s ingenuity and cooperation.

Some mused that what many accepted as a sign of Mankind’s superiority and tenacity was instead a sign of how little we truly understood about a hostile and apathetic universe that could destroy Mankind at any moment. Their voices were given little room to be heard.

One of the consequences of the White Noise Event was the appearance of a hostile enemy known as the “Brotherhood of Clang.” Committed to their deity “Clang” they exhibit an insane hatred for the Works of Mankind, calling them “mechanist abominations” and seeking to destroy them. Though rarely much of a threat alone, a single Brotherhood vessel quickly becomes multiple vessels, soon overwhelming whatever force they face. Initially, they were contained exclusively to the dangerous transit system of Omicron, however through unknown means they eventually gained access to several other systems.

The fleets they inserted there stayed quiet a long time, until without notice began their first attacks. Usually targeting the Warp Gates, but also having been seen within planetary atmosphere and especially at the Data Collection Centers there, they seek to utterly destroy whatever is in their path. When they began communicating with Mankind, they were found to share genetic identity with many Engineers. The reasons for this are still unclear.

Brotherhood attacks continue to the present, appearing without warning and with incredible ferocity. The ultimate goal of the Brotherhood, if they have one, remains unknown.

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