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Introduction to the Nations of Humanity

The three Nations of Humanity are the Consortium, Federation, and the Union. These Nations act as a broader “team” or alliance beyond just your faction. They represent allies, compatriots, trading partners, and perhaps most-importantly, people who won’t shoot at you.

Nations work together in competition against the other Nations, but still at times bound by common interest against things like outside invaders, cataclysmic cosmic events, and other crises. Thus, they are neither enemy nor friend, but symbiotic co-balancers of an equation that ensures no single group is ever able to exert too much control over the others.

In addition to the basic benefit of having allies to watch your back, choosing to become a Citizen carries additional benefits. You will have access to your Nation's Waystation, a large space station featuring many services. Major features of the server are built and balanced around these large teams, so choosing one to join is your first step to getting into the mix of these features.

As important as the decision of which Nation to affiliate with is, it is not permanent. If your new Citizenship doesn’t end up working out for some reason, there’s a few options available to you. Firstly, if you wish to transfer directly to another Nation, you must submit your request (via ticket.) It will then be brought before the leadership of all 3 Nations to vote on, and you’ll need a 2/3rds result in your favor supporting your move. If you are successful, you’ll be moved directly to your new Nation.

If that doesn’t work out, or you don’t wish to pursue that option, your faction can choose to simply drop Affiliation and return to Unaffiliated status at any time. Simply pull a ticket to let us know you are choosing to do so, update your tags, and we will update your Discord roles. This will trigger a cooldown of two weeks before your faction can attempt to join any Nation again, so that it is not used as a loophole to avoid the method above.

Note: Leaving a nation associated faction is equivalent to leaving the nation. If you create a new faction for yourself, it begins as "Unaffiliated", you are subject to the cooldown before you can attempt to join any nation (including the one you were just in before). You would still be restricted from joining any "Closed" Union as well. Leaving one nation affiliated faction and joining another faction already affiliated with a nation has no cooldown.

Civics 101

Each Nation's core leadership is comprised of three "Heads of State." These positions are the source of all authority and power within a Nation, and possess all mechanical access to a Nation's rights and powers. The Heads of State are comprised of three positions; the Chancellor, a general political leader and figurehead; the Trade Minister, administrator of many aspects of industry and finance for a Nation; and the Admiral, responsible for various martial and enforcement tasks.

The Chancellor and Trade Minister are selected once per month, by direct vote of a Nation's Citizens and serve until the following election is completed. Election process begins on the 12th of the month, and ends on the 15th, where the transition of power takes place. The Chancellor and Trade Minister roles may not be filled simultaneously by the same faction.

When an election begins, a Discord thread will be unlocked to a Nation's Citizens for a period of 24 hours. During this time, any Citizen may nominate a faction to the role of Chancellor or Trade Minister, including their own. Once the 24 hours has passed, the nominations will be closed. A period of "campaigning" will then proceed for 24 hours. At the conclusion of the campaigning period, a poll will be created for voting on each position and left open for the following 24 hours. Transition will occur shortly after the voting period has closed, and may take up to an additional 24 hours to complete all aspects of the process.

During an active election cycle, the Chancellor's Power of Exile is suspended, and no new discord roles will be added either for new affiliates or additional members of existing affiliates.

In order to ensure that all power of Elected representatives comes ultimately through the electorate, the Citizens of a Nation retain the ability to call their leaders to task and hold them in check. At any time, a Citizen of a Nation may pull a ticket to petition for an emergency vote to remove either a Chancellor or Trade Minister. In order to do so, the petitioner must be able to provide at time of opening their ticket at minimum 3 other Citizen-factions in addition to their own, and at minimum 6 individuals in agreement with the petition.

Once a petition is accepted, an immediate vote of no-confidence will be opened for a period of 12 hours. During this time, all rights and powers of the petitioned Elected leader will be suspended. If the majority of votes indicate no-confidence in the Elected leader, they are removed from power, and an Election immediately begins as described above.

If the majority of votes do not indicate no-confidence in the Elected leader, their rights and powers are restored, and a new petition may not be drawn against them for a period of one week. Additionally, they may choose to exercise the power of Exile against the faction that initiated the Petition, even if that power is otherwise on cooldown, but must still pay all related costs if they choose to do so.

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