We run a custom combined weapon pack, balanced by us here in the Cluster. We have a variety of weapon types to create an environment allowing many different combat styles.

Attributions and Credits

This weapons pack combines the weapons from the foillowing mods:

Okim's OKI Grand Weapons Bundle - Credit Okim

Rider's Battle Cannon and Turrets (DX11) - Credit Rider

Mexpex Warfare Industries - Credit PhoenixTheSage - Original Mod

Additional attributions should go to Whiplash, Digi and Spacebar for scripts and assets. All credit should be given to these incredible mod authors who have spent a considerable amount of time and effort on their mods, and my little weedy efforts at balance and combination pale in comparison.


Please consider this a unified pack as opposed to three separate entities.

These weapons are balanced on their DPS:PCU ratio, with variety provided amongst the weapons by block size, rate of fire, DPS and range.

  • Faster firing 1x1 weapons are shorter range and lower DPS per weapon. These are intended for close in, anti-fighter roles. CIWS and Anti-missile turrets remain projectile based to fulfil their anti-missile role.
  • Long range weapons tend to medium DPS and rate of fire per weapon. These are for long-range support vehicles.
  • High DPS weapons tend to short range and lower rate of fire, for the close up broadside fights.
  • Fixed weapons have a slightly higher DPS:PCU value to compensate for manual aiming.

We have additionally reduced some of the explosion animations to optimise for multiplayer, particularly to help framerates. The weapons follow a bell curve through range vs bullet calibre. They start off short range, progress to long range, and drop down to short range for the larger turrets. Variety amongst the weapons is provided by rate of fire, AI range, max ammo range, DPS, accuracy and a few other bits.

Statistics for the weapons are available in the datasheet found here

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