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This information is Outdated as of November 2021

We run a custom combined weapon pack, balanced by us here in the Cluster. We have a variety of weapon types to create an environment allowing many different combat styles.

This weapon pack is based on WeaponCore, which means there are some behaviors different than what you'd remember from Vanilla weapons. A starter guide to WeaponCore can be found here.

Attributions and Credits

This weapons pack combines a selection of many of the models from various weapon packs and reimagines them in a way that provides almost 50 weapons balanced for large scale space combat.
It is the evolution of the previous combined cannons packs and relies on all of the functionality that WeaponCore provides to take it to the next level.

It will be continously updated and maintained by Sigma Draconis for the 4.X version of the servers.

Okim's OKI Grand Weapons Bundle - Credit Okim

Rider's Battle Cannon and Turrets (DX11) - Credit Rider

Mexpex Warfare Industries - Credit PhoenixTheSage - Original Mod, credit Mexpex

Whiplash's Small and Large Grid Railun Mods - Credit Whiplash and Lazermaniac - Credit Whiplash, Gauge, and ChanceofAwesome

Huge shoutout to DarkStar for making WeaponCore a reality as well as folks like Kreeg, AutoMcdonough, and Nasty Jack Starlight for help making the Weaponcore version of this mod happen.

Additional attributions should go to Whiplash, Digi and Spacebar for scripts and assets. All credit should be given to all of these incredible mod authors who have spent a considerable amount of time and effort on their creations; my scrub efforts at balance and combination pale in comparison.

Without all of these many generous members of the Mod Community who donated their time and hard work this mod would not be able to exist in its current form.

Link to current weapon stats worksheet:

Derekt, Reload, Kontu, and the rest of the Sigma Draconis Staff

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