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Uncommon Shortcuts

This page lists some of the lesser-known keyboard shortcuts for Space Engineers.

Ctrl + Z
Used when facing a ship, this locks your suit dampeners/your ship into 'relative damping' mode. This means you will match the speed of the grid you are aimed at. NB: You must have no other keys pressed when hitting this command.

Shift + MMB
This is the spectator mode equivalent of Ctrl+Z, however it is unfortunately not acceleration-aware so will only match your camera to the speed of the grid you are aimed at that precise moment in time.

Ctrl + Mousewheel up/down
Adjust the rotation speed of your spectator camera - as in, how fast you turn or roll your camera.

Shift + Mousewheel up/down
Adjust the speed of your spectator camera - as in, how fast you move forward/backward/up/down/strafe left/strafe right.

Ctrl + B
This will blueprint the grid you are aimed at, including all subgrids.

Ctrl + Shift + B
When aimed at a grid, this will blueprint the subgrid you are pointing at and ignore the rest of the grid.

Alt + F10
Activates the Admin menu (Allows you to see grids, adjust weather settings, adjust cleanup settings etc).

Shift + F10
Activates the Admin Spawner menu (allows you to place items, planets and so forth).

Activates the Blueprints menu.

Activates the Debug menu, showing mod errors, allowing you to export prefab files, etc.

Cycles through different sets of debug information, drawn onscreen in yellow text

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