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===== Tiered Tech Components and Blocks

In order to provide a sense of progression, a true feeling of investment in your stuff, allow the creation of truly awesome vessels, as well as provide some performance benefits, we employ a customized version of the Tiered Tech Blocks mod.

This is a player driven market where as Datacores sold at stations, generate tech and give you the opportunity to buy that tech with credits. There are generally two blocks, a sell block and buy block. The time may vary but give it a few moments after making a sell or buy before going to the other, once you have sold your Datacores, the tech should appear in the buy block.

You can get Datacores from activities such as KOTH.

One of our customizations is the splitting of the Rare and Exotic tech components tiers into two parts- capacitors and generators. Every Tiered Tech Block of Proficient or Elite level requires equal amounts of these two components. Many block values and models have been swapped as well - a datasheet with all of our configured stats can be found here:

There are a number of ways to get Tech Components:

  • Purchase from an NPC Trade Station via Datacore sales
  • Chance to win with vote rewards
  • Trade with other players
  • Special Events
  • More to come!

Link to our version:

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