In order to provide a sense of progression, a true feeling of investment in your stuff, allow the creation of truly awesome vessels, as well as provide some performance benefits, we employ a customized version of the Tiered Tech Blocks mod.

One of our customizations is the splitting of the Rare and Exotic tech component tiers into two parts- capacitors and generators. Every Tiered Tech Block of Proficient or Elite level requires equal amounts of these two components.

In order to facilitate trade and exploration, each system will only offer either capacitors or generators at NPC Trade Stations.

Generators : Sigma, Delta, Theta
Capacitors : Tau, Epsilon, Lambda

There are a number of ways to get Tech Components:

  • Purchase from an NPC Trade Station
  • Purchase from the ACME Research Center's Tech Depot in the Gamma system
  • Fight NPC's in Omicron
  • Chance to win with vote rewards
  • Trade with other players
  • Potential reward for Contracts and Story Modules
  • Special Events

While we do run a slightly modified version of the original mod, the work values present from the original mod have been unchanged. You can view what tiered tech blocks do in comparison to vanilla by visiting the original mod authors datasheet here.

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