A note about "High Risk Areas": Certain areas of space are so dangerous that any Engineers operating within them assume certain special risks given the high likelihood of catastrophe. Within these "High Risk Areas" no support can be provided for loss, though troubleshooting and general support of some issues may be available. Take care when traveling in a "High Risk Area!"

The system of Omicron Draconis is considered a High Risk Area!

We highly recommend having a respawn point on all grids as sometimes your body does not survive the warp.

Traveling between the multiple star systems of the Draconis cluster is accomplished using the Jump Gates.

To warp, travel within 1000m (1km) of the Jump gate. A countdown will begin and you will be logged out of your departure system and automatically begin logging in to your destination server. Once you've loaded in your destination system, you will appear randomly near the destination gate, within a range of 2000 meters.

Gates in Omicron are roughly 1000km apart from each other - be prepared to jump between them. Obstacles may prevent direct gate to gate jumps depending on your origin and destination systems.

Warp travel is a very novel technology and carries with it some inherent dangers. In particular, it is known to sometimes interfere with the operation of Defense Shields systems. It can be the case that they appear to be operational but are not, or the reverse.

For the best chance of having a functional shield after warping into a new system, quickly log out and back in if you are the only player in the vicinity, or jump/fly a distance away and do so. Other potential fixes include completely grinding and replacing your emitter and controller, and running !fixship.

Given the dangerous nature of warp travel, NO SUPPORT will be provided for loss related to shield hazards. However if your ship simply doesn't arrive on the destination side for any reason, please open a ticket in our support channel.

Grids lost to warping at server restart times will not be replaced / compensated.

FACTIONS DO NOT SYNC ACROSS SERVERS. You will need to join each server and create your faction and invite all your faction members to it.

Our current server transit system is only temporary and will be replaced in the planned 4.0 update with a new system.

Please take proper steps to ensure a safe journey!

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