Preface: The Rules of Engagement are considered an In-Character behavior contract, not a server rule. Failure to abide by them carries in game consequences that may be enforced by other players, and will be enforced by NPC groups controlled by the staff. As new features are brought to the server, any of them may be restricted to exclude unregistered (-) factions.

To be protected by the Rules of Engagement an organization MUST:

  • Be marked with the (+) designation in their in-game Public Description (including it in your faction name or tag does not fulfill this requirement).
  • Be setup properly with a Discord role for their faction. Open a ticket with our #support channel to do this.
  • Your designation in discord and ingame MUST match

We will not entertain reports of RoE violations against you if you have not read the rules and made the small effort required to get your faction set up. Organizations without designation may be assumed to be unregistered (-).

  1. Hostile actions are any intentional destruction of person or property, or theft of such. Interdiction of jump capability in itself is not considered a hostile act.
  2. A formal declaration of war is required prior to the launching of any offensive hostile actions between (+) registered factions. A declaration of war consists of a notification via Discord in the Sigma Draconis News Network #sdnn channel with an `@mention` to the faction. Violators of this rule may find themselves losing their registration (+) and additionally being branded as pirates.
  3. War declarations MUST be made at least 12 Hours prior to opening any offensive hostile actions. Violations of this rule will be considered an act of criminality.
  4. Once a war is declared, and the initial 12 hours have passed, anyone may join in defensive hostile actions against any involved party, with or without notice, but item 6 of the server rules above must be followed. Offensive allied actions require allies to declare war as well. The 12 hour waiting period applies to those declarations.
  5. Good Samaritans running to defend another player will be given much leniency. This idea protects new players who may not be aware of the rules. However, offensive actions that violate the above will be treated as criminality and prosecuted as such.

Reporting a suspected RoE Violation: If you believe that a +/Registered party has perpetrated an act that would violate the above Rules of Engagement, you can report them to ACME to seek restitution. However, note that the burden of evidence is placed upon the accuser! Do your best to get screenshots or video of any potentially "illegal" events to use in your case. This can be very tricky if the accused has turned off their suit antennas and taken other measures to be stealthy, so think on your feet!

Regaining Registered Status: Players and factions seeking to change from -/Deregistered/Unregistered status to +/Registered status may do so in two ways:

  1. Obtain the support of a Stellar Council member to bring your group's Reregistration as New Business.
    1. While this method carries no specific requirements like the ACME method, your group will need the support of 2/3rds of voting Councilors to regain Registered status in addition to finding a Councilor willing to bring the Motion to begin with.
  2. Submit via ACME for Reregistration as Regular Business.
    1. ACME will seek and verify any 'victims' of your group's former crimes.
    2. Fair Restitution will be determined based on the desires of the victim and ACME's objective standard of reasonableness.
    3. A period of time will be provided for restitution to be made to former victims, with ACME possibly but not always facilitating transfer of funds.
    4. Once all restitution is successfully completed, ACME will bring a Motion of Regular Business at the next Regular Council Session for the Reregistration of your group, with their full endorsement.
    5. Council will vote, with only a simple majority of votes needing to be in favor or Reregistration for Reregistration to be successful.

"Unlawful Reregistration": The methods described above are the only ways that a player or organization may actually restore their Registered status. Players who move from an Unregistered or Deregistered faction to a Registered one put their new faction at risk if they are unwilling to submit to the process above once their new affiliation has been reported to ACME.

If you suspect someone has performed such an "Unlawful Reregistration" by simply changing factions, please report it to ACME for processing.

The following modifications to the above currently apply as a result of player activity on the Council:

Free interaction between Registered and Unregistered factions. Alliances or trade interactions between registered and unregistered factions cannot be used as an evidence of ROE violation.

All ACME and Planetary Rules of Engagement are henceforth invalid within 10km of a KoTH Point.

Planetary roe is extended to 50km from the center of the planet for lesser celestial objects such as moons, and up to 100km from the center of the planet for major celestial objects such as planets.

Section A
The use of a Jump Interdictor against a vessel within range of its effects (from here referred to as the "affected party") is to be classified as a hostile act for the purposed of the Rules of Engagement.

Section B
Violations of the Rules of Engagement via Section A may only be submitted to ACME by the affected party. This clause is to allow affected parties agency, and the ability to recognize honest mistakes or good faith attempts to render assistance.

Section C
Other hostile actions in violation of Rules of Engagement that occur concurrently with Jump Interdiction may be submitted to ACME normally, by any valid party. Only the jump interdiction itself is bound by section B.

Summary of the legislation: Interdiction breaks the ROE, IF the person being interdicted wants it to be considered hostile.

Evidence presented with a time stamp older than 1 month is null and void.

1. All miners are allowed to freely mine in the belt (including minus factions).

2. The belts are henceforth demilitarized zones, with the exception of RSE and those approved by RSE . If you wish to bring a combat ship into the belt and help enforce these regulations, you must ask our permission and be given a permit.

3. RSE ships will patrol the belt in order to enforce these regulations and protect miner rights. If a ship is found to be in violation of the above regulation, they will be interdicted and given a warning to depart the belt.

4. Firing on miners/peaceful belt dwellers will be met with immediate force.

5. In the case that an aggressor fires on a peaceful belter and gets away, a fine will be administered. This may consist of the destruction of one or more ships (depending on the severity of the transgression) at a later date if the fine is not paid.

6. The 15km radius around the Nekkros Space KoTH is a free fire zone, and the above regulations do not apply.

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