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Player Commands

If you are unable to solve your issue using those commands, please open a ticket with our Staff by visiting our #support channel on Discord.

Note :: All commands in Space Engineers are case-sensitive. This includes the command itself and any targets (grid name, player name, anything you type in with a command), and *any* command that has a space as part of it's input (like if your grid has a space in the name and you run !fixship "grid NAME here") needs to have that part of the command wrapped in quotes (as seen in that example previous).

You can save your grids into your hangar in the home systems with commands, putting them in storage to keep the safe from harm as well as doing your part to help server performance.

DracVerse currently is not using hangar.
Expanse currently is using hangar.
DI:E is currently being reworked and is not active

  • !hangar save
    • You only have to look at the grid and type the command.
    • Do not occupy the grid when hangar it or you may bug out when you later load the grid and you may be stuck until staff can delete your body for you
  • !hangar list
    • This command shows what is currently in your hangar and gives you the index number as the first number in the row to use for loading.
  • !hangar load #
    • Example command: !hangar load 1
    • This command loads the grid back into the world back where it was when you saved it. A GPS point is given for it that you can set to "Always Visible" in the GPS menu to make permanent, or you can respawn on it or use a search contract to find it if you don't know where that is.
      • The # is the left-most index number you found with "!hangar list"; starting at 1 and counting up for each item in your hangar.
  • !hangar remove #
    • Deletes the grid from your hangar. Grids removed via this command are not eligible for replacement/compensation
  • !hangar help
    • Displays all hangar commands available

Voxel digging

We enable the dig voxels option on hangar load: this allows players to have grids in voxel material (e.g. digging and constructing a planet base underground or inside an asteroid), and if they are stored in hangar, then the voxels re-generate, then they can be restored with voxels inside and around the grid digged out automatically. Without this option, the voxels would remain and the base would load entirely or partially in voxels, blow it up or making it impossible to use, ultimately requiring the help of an admin to dig and restore the grid.

It's important to understand how the digging mechanics works, to avoid surprises when loading grids back from hangar and being unexpectedly exposed.

A grid will be digged if the center of its bounding box (i.e. the smallest box that can fit the entire grid) is in voxel material. In practice this means a base partially in voxels on the surface of a planet will not be digged, because its center is in the air. However a base underground will, because its center is in voxel material. If the grid needs digging, it will dig the bounding box of the grid plus 2 meters all around to allow for a character to fit.


  • If you build a tunnel or path of blocks to your base in voxels, or some kind of antenna or periscope to the surface, be mindful that this will be part of the bounding box, so the entire thing will be digged out, potentially exposing the entire base to the surface, which may not be what you desire. Keep in mind the shape of your grid, keep the entire bounding box inside of the voxels, and re-create any tunnels as necessary.
  • If you have a flat base in voxels, with the floor being voxels, and make a hole that extends down, e.g. a piston drill, keep in mind it will be part of the bounding box, so the entire thing will be digged out, leaving you with no floor and at the bottom at drill level. Make a floor with blocks to avoid this, especially if you have a spawn point, so you can spawn at the same level as before and not fall through the voxel floor that no longer exists.

Note: as of 2021-07-29 you need to be on the same server as the grid for the voxel digging code to work. If you are on another server, the grid will load, then be transferred by Nexus server sync, and the voxels will not be digged. We're working on restoring nexus support for grid load, stay tuned:

You can resolve some common issues easily by using these commands!

  • !fixship
    • This command cuts and pastes the ship you are looking at to fix bugged grids. Should work on faction ships - 150s cooldown . Do not run while the target ship is inside the shields of another ship (even if you own both shields) or it will explode
  • !fixship "grid name"
    • This is the same fixship command but runs based on what grid name you provide instead of requiring you to be looking at it. Grid name is CASE-SENSITIVE. Should work on faction ships - shares cooldown with base fixship command. No range limit, just have to be in the same instance as the grid. Same warning about shields applies
  • !convert
    • Converts the grid you are looking at between ship and station. Works on faction ships, will not convert to ship in natural gravity. Outside of working on Faction grids, this follows normal conversion requirements
  • !rename "grid name" "new name"
    • Renames a grid if player or faction owned. This will help when you use a faction mates welders and they aren't online to rename it from "Large Grid XXXX" or whatever it's stuck at. As always, use quotes around names that involve spaces
  • !fixme
    • This command kills you, deletes your body and reconnects you to the server - designed to fix issues with being unable to respawn with no hud and other stuck player problems
  • !fixrespawn
    • This command makes your temporary ship permanent. Same way merge blocking it to the ground would do in the past
  • !fixstation
    • This command removes duplicate NPC trade stations if present

Blocklimiter is a tool we are currently using to help enforce our blocklimit rules. These commands only show the limits for the instance you are currently in – however you are responsible for tracking your limits across the entire cluster of servers.

  • !blocklimit mylimit
    • Shows players status of blocklimit counts. All 0 counts are ignored and not shown.
  • !blocklimit limits
    • Shows current blocklimit settings for the server
  • !blocklimit update mylimit
    • Updates player's count of blocks on the server. It has a 5min cool-down per player
  • !stone
    • Deletes all stone in the inventories of the grid you are looking at. Not intended to be ran while sitting in the grid. 120s cooldown
  • !eco pay <faction/player> <name/tag> amount
    • This pays from your personal player balance to a faction or player balance.We HIGHLY recommend you send a 1 credit test and confirm they received before sending the full amount to your target. We are not responsible if you pay the wrong target. Use quotes around names with spaces. This command now works to pay offline players as well as players in different instances.
    • * Example command if I wanted to pay Player Crunch: !eco pay player Crunch 1000
    • * Example command to pay faction Bakers Shipyards & Co (BCS): !eco pay faction BCS 1000
  • !eco deposit
    • Deposits all the space credits from the containers on the grid you are looking at that are owned by you into your player balance.
      • IE: Owned containers on the grid have 1,000,000SC; player runs !eco deposit; player now has 1,000,000SC in their player balance
    • Use !eco deposit true to grab credits from all containers owned or shared with you into your player balance.
  • !eco withdraw <amount>
    • Withdraws amount of space credits from player balance to grid storage of grid you are looking at if there is room for the credits. This pairs with eco deposit - it removes from your player balance and places the physical item of Space Credits in the cargos of the grid you are looking at. This has a hard limit of 2.147 Billion credits at a time when used
  • !nexus lobby
    • Takes you back to the Draconis Cluster Spawn Lobby
  • !friend <faction tag>
    • Raises your relations with the faction up until you're allied ingame
  • !motd
    • Displays the Message of the Day popup you receive when first joining the server
  • !Discord / !discord
    • Opens the Steam overlay with a link to our Discord server
  • !gps
    • Adds the static GPS markers you receive on server join to your list again - Warp gate and planet locations
  • /w "Player Name" <message>
    • Whispers a player "message". There is no reply system in Space Engineers chat - you can only start your own whisper. Names are CASE-SENSITIVE, but do support tab-completion
  • /f
    • Switches to sending to faction chat.
  • /g
    • Switches to global chat.
  • !Donate / !donate
  • !ticket
    • Brings up the Steam overlay and loads the Sigma Draconis Cluster Discord ticket system.
  • !pblimiter status
    • Shows a list of your programmable blocks and their current runtime impact
  • !facinfo <tag>
    • Example: !facinfo TSI
      • This will return the faction name for TSI, their public info (to see if they are + or -), and a member count
    • Putting "true" on the end like this: `!facinfo TSI true` will spit out the actual member names
  • !pcucount
    • Gives the pcu of the grid bundle you are looking at (includes docked/landing geared/subgrids)
  • /Compass ShowClock [24HourDateTime/12HourDateTime/24HourTime/12HourTime/Off]
    • The compass mod features a clock that is disabled by default and can be enabled via this command. This clock shows UTC time in space and both UTC and local time on planets, useful for knowing how much longer until you can actually see what you’re doing!

CrunchUtils plugin provides us with some gps management utility.

  • !ez [hide|show|delete] <tag>
    • Shows or hides all GPS on screen with the <tag> value in it. This has the same effect as going into the GPS menu and double clicking/choosing to "Show on Hud" for a gps point
    • Example: !ez show Iron
      • This example would make all GPS you have with the word "Iron" in the name visible on screen for you.
    • Example2: !ez hide all
      • This is a special function of hide that will turn off all gps points currently active

You can vote for the best server ever, you even get a chance for credits and tech components!

  • !supportus
    • Takes you to the voting page, requires Steam overlay
  • !reward
    • Claims your vote reward.

For players who have issues with the Steam overlay, or if after voting using the Steam overlay the rewards command claims you haven't voted, you can visit the vote website with an external browser (Chrome,Firefox,Opera,your mobile phone, etc) and vote here :

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