A note about "High Risk Areas": Certain areas of space are so dangerous that any Engineers operating within them assume certain special risks given the high likelihood of catastrophe. Within these "High Risk Areas" no support can be provided for loss, though troubleshooting and general support of some issues may be available. Take care when traveling in a "High Risk Area!"

The area within 8km of any Capture Point is considered a High Risk Area!

Something truly unique you won't find anywhere else in Space Engineers, our Planetary Capture mechanic is something we're very proud of that offers a whole new way to play.

Many planets in our systems have a "capture point." When a faction occupies this capture point they will tick up a score timer toward 100%. After five minutes (at 1.0 simspeed) of uncontested occupancy, the score timer will reach 100%, the occupying faction will receive a point, and the score timer will reset to 0%.

Note: Only engineers in suits or in control seats are counted for occupancy. Excess grids or engineers sitting in non-control seats (toilets, passenger seats, couches, etc) in the area won't increase your occupancy.

When an occupying faction has scored a point the Golden Lootbox will have 1 DataCore added to it and have its ownership set to Nobody (resetting any ownership that had previously been set.) The Golden Lootbox will hold that loot and continue to add to it each time a faction scores.

When a capture point becomes contested by another faction, the score timer will stop ticking towards 100% until all enemies have been removed from the area. If a contesting faction gains majority presence within the area, the score timer will reset to 0% under their control and will count toward 100% once their enemies are cleared from the area.

Additional friendly players will increase the capture speed as seen in this chart below

Important notes about Planetary Capture:

  • Strange phenomena near each capture point completely stops the function of all types of thrusters ~6.5Km from the point. You will need to enter this No-Fly Zone on foot or on wheels.
    • A secondary effect also means that any grids above 250m altitude within ~1.5Km of the point just vanish into nothingness
  • While a capture point is unoccupied, it will not count up the score timer for any faction.
  • A faction that has majority ownership (more time on point across the week than any other faction) will gain a seat on the Planetary Council in addition to the direct loot.
  • A faction may grant its points to any other faction for determining Seat Possession.
  • Planetary DataCores (the loot granted by the Golden Lootbox) are very valuable, but must ultimately be transported to the ACME Research Center for sale.
KOTH Scores
Planet Tag Faction Score

The scoreboard updates every hour on the hour. It stops updating after 4pm US/Pacific on Friday, weekly scores are pulled and posted on the Discord at that time. The Scoreboard resumes updating at 0000 US/Pacific Sunday again.

Below you will find the full listing of Planetary Capture GPS Locations. The KotH Locations are intentionally offset by 10km to prevent "instant action" drops and promote continued discovery for players of all levels and tenure.

Sigma Draconis:
GPS:KOTH Alien:1331495.71:-1151956.84:-1515896.68: -DISABLED BY UNKNOWN FORCES-
GPS:KOTH Harvest:138239.04:22660.66:2249810.24:
GPS:KOTH Mars:-1600412.55:1532729.85:-125371.55: -DISABLED BY UNKNOWN FORCES-

Tau Draconis:

Delta Draconis:
GPS:KOTH Irene:-2043346.33:334743.8:282817.38: -DISABLED BY UNKNOWN FORCES-
GPS:KOTH LV-223:1389854.46:-274837.36:-1566862.52:
GPS:KOTH Taravi:113621.51:64686.43:2189606.97: -DISABLED BY UNKNOWN FORCES-

Epsilon Draconis:
GPS:KOTH Nova Prime:1854335.56:523085.52:499530.6
GPS:KOTH Hale:1296378.06:1274703.82:-1165208.24: -DISABLED BY UNKNOWN FORCES-
GPS:KOTH Kavac:1297199.06:1276748.25:-1163949.1: -DISABLED BY UNKNOWN FORCES-

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