General Mod Information

A complete mod list can be found in the Steam Workshop here.

We run a custom combined weapon pack, balanced by us here in the Cluster. We have a variety of weapon types to create an environment allowing many different combat styles.

A full page of details including weapon stats can be found here

In order to provide a sense of progression, a true feeling of investment in your stuff, allow the creation of truly awesome vessels, as well as provide some performance benefits, we employ a customized version of the Tiered Tech Blocks mod.

Read more about Tiered Tech here!

On our server we make use of the Defense Shields mod by Darkstar.

This allows you to have shield bubbles surrounding your stations and ships from weapons fire, or skin shields to protect your miner from bumping into rocks.

Read more about the Defense Shields mod here!

The NPC Android Crew mod adds a number of useful, and aesthetic blocks. The most powerful blocks it adds however are the three consoles that boost the grid they are built on.

  • Combat Mobility Specialist (Red)
    • Improves Thrusters & Gyros by 300%
  • Production Specialist (Blue)
    • Improves Gas Generation Ice Conversion - Oxy+Hydro by 300% (more gas per unit of ice converted)
    • Improves drill output by 200% (Yield per voxel drilled)
  • Engineering Specialist (Orange)
    • Improves Power Output by 300% (must be placed or toggled off/on after placing power sources)
    • Reduces power consumption on some blocks to 50%

Please do note that these blocks that provide the boosts must be manually placed - they are removed from any projections on the server as projecting them causes a number of different grid bugs.

Often referred to as a BAR, BnR, or BOB, the Nanobot Build and Repair System mod allows some level of automated welding, grinding, and item collection within it's area of influence. It can even be paired with a programmable block script to auto-queue parts in your assemblers that it needs to build, among many other awesome features. By default it is in "Walk Mode" which only affects the grid it is built on, or grids directly connected to it via landing gear or connectors, but Fly mode (while requiring more power) opens up an even larger world of possibilities.

Here in the Draconis cluster we've made a couple configuration changes to the mod to deal with bugs and exploits related to it:

  • In the Gamma system BAR's are restricted to WeldOnly for work mode
  • In the Omicron System, BAR's are current unrestricted
  • In the 6 home servers (Sigma, Tau, Delta, Epsilon, Theta, Lambda), BAR's are limited in the following ways:
    • "Grind Color" is fixed to a default (313,100,100) and can not be changed
    • The automatic "Janitor" grinding has been disabled entirely

A reminder to review our block limits and rules as Build and Repair systems are limited both one per player and one per grid (both limits apply at all times)

It's well known that conveyor junction blocks are real rough on performance. For this reason, we have added the AQD - Conveyor Expansion mod. This gives a ton of new conveyor options to reduce simspeed impact. You can read all about Conveyor Junctions and why they are a problem here in our About Performance page.

This modded block turns off any Jump Drives in it's range of operation, friendly or otherwise - preventing players from using their Jump Drive to escape. Attempting to turn a Jump Drive block back on within range of an Interdictor will cause the Jump Drive to take damage. The grid with the Interdictor does not need to remain stationary for it to work, Interdictors work fine while moving.

Large Grid Interdictors have a max range of 6000m, Small Grid Interdictors have a max range of 3000m

In an effort to bring you the best ambient experience we can, we've including the quite expansive track list from Arashi - the mod page can be found here, which include a full list of tracks available. It contains over 100 new music tracks for you to play through your favorite Jukebox!

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