Preserving Your Grids

To keep things smooth and playable for all, we have a number of cleanup routines that run, as well as some manual cleanup practices. To ensure that the stuff you want to keep doesn't get "cleaned," be sure to do the following:

  • Ensure the grid is at least 20 blocks in size.
  • Ensure not a single block is owned by "Nobody"
  • Ensure the grid has a beacon placed (does not need to be built fully, one steel plate is enough)
  • Ensure the grid does not have the word "Grid" in its name. Case sensitive
  • Check that ALL SUBGRIDS follow these requirements. (They do not need a beacon if the 'parent' grid has one and do not need an additional 20 blocks.) Wheel subgrids are automatically re-named via a Draconis exclusive plugin we have.
  • Check that ALL ATTACHED GRIDS follow these requirements.

Please note that when working with merging merge blocks, one or both grids will often be renamed back to the default Space Engineering "Large Gridxxxx" or "Small Gridxxxx", so check your grid names every time you un-merge or merge.

In addition, if a block is welded or ground while you are trying to rename (such as a Build and Repair system doing welding for you), the rename will not work. Be sure that Build and repairs, welders, and grinders are off when renaming.

For anyone wanting to see the exact cleanup commands ran, you can expand this section

Respawn grids (ships and rovers) require an additional step in order to preserve them. Space Engineers treats them as temporary ships, but thankfully there is a wonderfully easy way to convert them to permanent grids using merge blocks and some voxels. Voxels are any planet or asteroid. There are enough things on our respawn grids that can be ground down temporarily to build the two required merge blocks to convert it to a permanent ship.

Thanks to Crunch making the !fixrespawn command, running the command while looking at the grid makes it so you don't need to do this anymore.

Since not everyone loves a video, the steps to take are :

  1. Build a grid in voxels. This can literally be just a single merge block to accomplish
  2. Build a merge block on the grid in voxels (again, the whole grid can consist of a single merge block if so desired)
  3. Build a merge block on your respawn ship
  4. Get the merge blocks close - when they turn yellow this means they are mag-locking to each other. Let go of all controls (keyboard and mouse) and give it up to a minute to align itself
    1. If they do not successfully merge and lock within a minute, you may need to adjust your placement of the blocks
  5. The blocks will turn green and your respawn grid will become a station.
  6. At this point the grid is now considered a permanent grid and you can follow the normal preservation guidelines listed above.
    1. The merge blocks can be ground down and no longer need to be built
  7. Don't forget to convert back to a Ship after removing the merge blocks if you want it to move again
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