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Here at the Sigma Draconis Games, we're happy to help you with issues you encounter. Before opening a ticket please read over our list of player commands that could help solve your issue by clicking this link
If you are unable to solve your issue using those commands, please open a ticket with our Staff by visiting our #support channel on Discord for assistance with issues such as:

  • Engineering and grid bugs: Client desync not resolved with a relog, inability to spawn, stuck in cryo, ship unresponsive not fixed with !fixship, grids lost to automatic cleanup, etc.
  • Player privileges: One-Time Supply Drop, Scripter Role access, etc.
  • Discord needs: Register your faction with a Discord role (requires at least 3 members), access to restricted channels like SDNN and Faction Advertising, etc.
  • Sensitive information: Have a question or concern you don't feel comfortable asking in public (be it an exploit you found, concerns about another player, or even concerns about Staff), please feel free to open a ticket

Draconis impossible- Draconis impossible is considered our 'hard mode' server as such it has a much more strict policy on restores, if you are unsure if you qualify please reach out and we will investigate for you.

Connection Issues

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As a thank you for joining us in our cluster, and in order to help you bootstrap through that initial startup period, we offer a one-time supply drop to all new players.

It is filled with goodies, including some advanced components and Tiered Tech components. However, since it is a one-time drop, make sure you're actually ready for it when you call yours in via pulling a #support ticket in Discord.

Draconis impossible - Supply pods are not available on these servers as they are considered to be our 'hard mode' servers.

Solace - We offer an seperate supply pod to players starting out on the solace PVE server - however once you decide to transition to the main cluster you may request the main cluster supply pod as well


  • Q: How do I connect to the server?
    • A: Use DirectConnect and input the server IP address as found on our main page or in Discord. Remember to check the add to favorites box or you will have to add the IP number every time.

  • Q: Where do I spawn? How do I join?
    • A: Choose the Lobby, then go down stairs and step on a Teleport pad of your choice, each pad has a ship/rover and will place you in that instance in said ship/rover.

  • Q: Why Do I not have any tools when I spawn?
    • A: If you are new player, when you teleport from the Lobby to a instance of your choice, your supply ship should contain the tools you need in a cargo access.

  • Q: All my grids are gone! What do I do?
    • A: Check to see if they were auto-hangered in your absence by referencing the Player Commands page

  • Q: Is there an AFK kick timer? Is bypassing the AFK kick with macros or other tools allowed?
    • A: All servers kick AFK players after 15 minutes. We do not condone the use of tools that bypass this AFK kick timer, it is there to keep the server open and performant for players who are actively playing the game.

  • Q: I heard about a Supply Drop, what is that?
    • A: We give each player a One Time Supply Drop. Pull a ticket in support and ask for it when you are near where you would like the supplies to be dropped. After checking our list to be sure you haven’t already gotten your pod, then when an admin has a moment they will either place it near you in space or parachute it in your area on a planet/moon. We suggest that the very first thing you do is select all the blocks in the terminal and transfer ownership to yourself so that trash cleanup doesn’t delete it. After that you might want to turn the beacon down or off so everyone nearby doesn’t know where you are.

  • Q: Which faction should I join?
    • A: Whomever you can convince to take you on as a new player, or make your own faction. We have both a Faction Advertisement and "Linkedin" style channel for recruitment purposes in the Discord.

  • Q: Why is the server slow/lagging?
    • A: Be sure to check your ping. High ping means high latency low sync-rate and rubber-banding. Our servers are based in a Data Center out of Central Canada with a gigabit WAN wired connection. If server sim speed is suffering, we can promise that staff are doing everything they can to resolve it.

  • Q: I'm not seeing any "Unknown Signal" drops?
    • A: Due to a myriad of bugs related to "Unknown Signals", we have disabled them on our main cluster servers. Draconis Impossible still has them for necessity reasons, but it can sometimes stop working for players without a reliable way for us to restore them to functional for said player. Tiered Tech components can be obtained using the methods listed on our mod information page for Tiered Tech

  • Q : How do I travel between servers with my grids?
    • A : Since our environment is one world with many back-end servers supporting it, all you need to do is fly or jump drive to where you want to go. You'll get a loading screen should you enter an area of the world being ran by a different server, but that should be it.

  • Q : How long is the day cycle?
    • A: 2 hours.

  • Q: Does the server restart?
    • A: Yes it does. It it scheduled to restart servers at 0000 UTC-0 and every 4 hours after (0400,0800,1200,1600,2000). This schedule may be delayed or otherwise changed as we need to work on the server. Lobby servers generally restart ~10 minutes before these times.

  • Q: Do you Reset voxels?
    • A:For the main server cluster – Voxels (planet and roid) regenerate if voxel age reaches roughly 24hr and no player or grid is not within 5km of the location. This is not hard scheduled to any specific time of day, we have simply set the in-game regen timer to somewhere between 19 and 24 hours. To further add to this – what resets voxel age back to 0 is unknown. It could be just going close enough to an asteroid resets age to 0 and prevents regeneration for that much longer. It might require someone actually mine or damage the asteroid in some way. We do a full reset of voxels as needed (this will bury any bases built into voxels, be it planets or asteroids), however this is usually quite infrequent (last time we made it about 4 months). Grids will be left in place, simply buried in voxels and require you to dig them out again. In addition, all asteroids that are not within 500m of a player or grid get reset Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings server time (exact time not released). These asteroids regenerate in the same state with the same ores they had prior.

  • Q: How often do NPC station stores restock?
    • A: This value has not yet been made public, however it is somewhere in the range of 20min and 4 hours. Sometimes requires that no player or grid is within 10km of it for that time however this has not been shown to be consistent.

  • Q: Do you delete grids?
    • A: We run cleanup plugins that will delete grids if the requirements in Grid Preservation are not met.

  • Q: What is this about needing a beacon?
    • A₂: Our automated trash cleanup scripts will periodically remove any grids that do not contain a beacon. No, your beacon does not need to be turned on. No, your beacon does not even need to be fully constructed.

  • Q: Can I use Lidar / Raycasting?
    • A: Due to performance issues, camera raycasting has been disabled in our cluster.

  • Q: Is there an unlimited PCU?
    • A: Yes there is unlimited per player world pcu in general, but if you abuse the unlimited PCU, we will turn on requirements for everyone, don't build atrocities please, build something that makes sense. Also, if any connected assembly of grids goes above 100,000 PCU, you may notice that it is broadcasting its location to the entire server. This is called a Top Grid. We do limit specific blocks both per player and grid however, as seen in our blocklimits section alongside our rules. In addition, there are limits in place for how large a single grid can be, as well as how much you can store in the garage total)

  • Q: If I lose my stuff due to a server issue, will I get it back?
    • A: Within reason admins may give back resources lost due to a server issue, or even certain grids. However we do not compensate lost inventories as their is no way of tracking them at this time. Admins are not obligated to restore anything, however you may open a Support Ticket and make the request.

  • Q: If I leave a faction, can I keep my ship?
    • A: This is an internal faction matter.. Be careful who you Ally yourself with.

  • Q: When will "Stupid Thing" be fixed?
    • A₁: SoonTM

  • Q: Can I have an Atlas super-laser?
    • A: No

  • Q: Why so many pings from this discord?
    • A: We are a very active and dynamic server and need to reach a wide audience. If the pings bother you, then you may mute either the channel, category or the entire server from alerting you. The tools are built within Discord itself to self-manage.

  • Q: Can other players kill me or take my stuff?
    • A: Yes, as long as they are mechanically not at peace with you in game (meaning you have accepted a peace proposal in-game using the built in Space Engineers faction system, which makes you both appear as white beacons to each other

  • Q: Do you add mods suggested by players?
    • A: We have a channel dedicated to mod suggestions in the Discord. Please follow the format in the pinned messages of that channel.

  • Q: Hey, I found an exploit!
    • A: Open a ticket in the #support channel of Discord and let us know!

  • Q: My ship won’t move!
    • A: First, make sure it's not a Station. We have a number of player commands that may help resolve the issue as well (such as !fixship). If those do not fix the problem then open a Support Ticket.

  • Q: Can I use scripts?
    • A: Yes you can use scripts, however we do restrict scripts to those granted the Scripter role, but that is to give us a way to take them away from those players abusing them. All you need to do to get the role is open a Support Ticket and ask for the Scripter role.

  • Q: Your FAQ didn’t answer my question!
    • A: That isn’t a question. Open a Support Ticket and ask and if it comes up enough we can add it here!

  • Q: Where are the servers located?
    • A: Central Canada
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