While we offer a number of home systems, and the dangerous Omicron transit system; There is another special-use system to which players may travel for special gameplay features.

The Gamma system is accessed via Omicron like any other, and houses the ACME Research Center- a massive center of commerce, scientific inquiry, and politics.

A number of interesting features await those who visit the ARC, such as:

  • The Research Consortium- Investigating the White Noise phenomena, they are paying Big Bucks for all Planetary Datacores.
  • The Tech Depot- Large supply of Tiered Tech components available for purchase.
  • The Promenade- A number of secure storefronts available for rent to players for trade.
  • The Planetary Council- The fate of the entire sector is decided in these lofty halls.
  • Rental Accommodations- Stay in style with your own personal rented suite on the ARC!
  • Special Events- This asset, so important to ACME, is frequently at the center of events both major and minor.

While welding and grinding are disabled in the Gamma system - it is not to be considered a safe place to store things. ACME has been known to impound ships for parking violations if left for too long. Players have been seen towing ships out to the warp gate to Omicron for salvage.

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