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We welcome contributions to the wiki to provide information to players, keep it accurate and up to date. It could be anything game related be it station locations, item stats, calculators, or nuggets of lore.

If you're interested to contribute, follow these steps:

Step 1: register an account on the wiki

Step 2: pull a ticket on discord #support and ask for the contributor role on the wiki

Step 3: edit a page, save, then click Mark ready for approval at the top right of the page underneath the navbar, review the diff, and mark ready for approval

Step 4: leave a note on discord #wiki-adjustments-channels that you updated a page and that it's ready for approval, then someone from Staff will review (and remember: do not ping Staff)

After some time you may also be granted the permission to create new pages for the wiki.

Any abuse or negligence will result in the edit permissions being removed without warning.

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