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Here is a number of possible steps to try to resolve client connection issues. These are generally client side issues and is most often related to workshop mod content and Steam being out of sync.

You may need to try some or all of these idea's to resolve issues with connecting to the server, but ultimately we don't offer client technical support.

  • Close Steam
  • Delete the "…Steam\steamapps\workshop\appworkshop_244850.acf" file to reset mod download state
  • Delete the all contents of the "…Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850" folder
  • Relaunch Steam and monitor the Downloads screen and wait for all "Space Engineers Workshop Content" to finish downloading.
  • Try connecting to the server of your choice

UPDATE TO BELOW: This DLL in the link below has been updated as of Sparks of the Future update/DLC (game version V195) on June 24th. The latest version prints version v2.2 to screen and in your client logs. The old version is v2.1 and will cause your game to crash on launch. Simply replace the old dll with the new one in the link below in instructions to resolve (don't forget to unblock it again)

There is currently one major known bug related to connecting to the servers. It manifests in one of two ways - players either load into an "Offline World" single player when trying to join, or they repeatedly receive "Server is not responding" as a response when trying to connect. It was greatly exasperate with changes to the mod download system by Keen when they released the big Frostbite patch.

This bug is not unique to Draconis, it is a bug in the Keen multiplayer join system. The good news is we have a temporary fix available from a Torch developer Rexxar that can be applied client side. This fix was updated for the Sparks of the Future patch by one of our players, azazaza (Nurial).

Please understand this is not our (Draconis Cluster) fix, we are just helping spread it out. It has seen a very high success rate to help players join servers.

  1. Download the plugin dll to SE_install_dir/Bin64/Plugins (the default install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Bin64\Plugins). Create the Plugins directory if you don't already have it.
  2. Right-click TimeoutFixPlugin.dll, select properties, then check 'unblock'
  3. Set SE to use the plugin by opening Steam, right click on Space Engineers, select properties, click "Set Launch Options" and add (without the quotes) "-plugin Plugins/TimeoutFixPlugin.dll"
  4. That's it; try joining. You should no longer drop to single player. You should either join successfully, or receive "Server not responding" , or be returned to the main menu of the game.

If your game crashes on launch it is because you did one of the following. A copy of your SpaceEngineer_xxxxx_xxxx.log file from '%appdata%/SpaceEngineers' can explain which the issue is

  • Did not unblock the dll
  • Did not properly name the DLL or Plugins folder (it is case sensitive)
  • Created the Plugins folder in the wrong location

Additionally, if you experience this drop to a Single Player Offline World, please take the time to visit the Keen Softwarehouse bug forum and vote up this bug to increase it's priority of being looked at by the game developer –

If you properly applied the fix, you will see the following messaging while trying to join the game:

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