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Known Bugs / Common Issues

The most common bugs can be corrected by re-spawning or using !fixship.

  • If there is more than one person around, try having them all log off and re-login to reset the local sync.

Note, while it may not be a bug, players can get the gps loaction a blueprint was taken from if it is shared. DO NOT upload a blueprint from the live server to the workship or share it with others unless you trust them. We will not restore a grid lost due to you uploading a blueprint of it to the workshop. The best way to share it to the workshop is to take it on a private test world with our mod pack on or to use out CATTUS server (if you are a patreon)


  • Blocklimiter is telling you you are over limits, either via on screen message or via checking the !blocklimit mylimit command


  • In this order, run the following where applicable:
    • If a grid limit is in question (!blocklimit mylimit will confirm if it is player or grid limit); use !fixship on the grid, followed by the below
    • Run the !blocklimit update mylimit command to update all your limits
      • This command should be ran whether it is a grid limit or player limit in question
  • After running both of these commands, your counts should hopefully be corrected
  • Use !fixship "grid name here" with quotes around the ship name to fix. You'll know the grid name because you just loaded it from hangar so it should be in your chat box.
    • This is related to a bug with having a blueprint loaded into a projector before you hangar, which the base game has issues rendering back in properly right away
    • This can be prevented by making sure you do not hangar a grid with a projector on it with a BP loaded (even if block is turned off).
      • Grinding off the projector before hangaring (completely ground - not just to below functional)
      • Running !fixship clears all projector data as well


  • Player loads blueprint into projector; but the projection can not be seen, and a chat message stating "Removed N Blocks" has been sent
    • This is due to the removal of certain blocks from projections for bug / exploit reasons


  • Short term:
    • Reconnect to the server with F5
    • Try the `!entities refresh` command – note: This command can crash your game client, so reconnecting is the recommended way
  • Long term:
    • Remove the blocks in question in the chat message from your blueprints to avoid hitting this issue

Issue link:

Problem: We allow active refineries and assemblers to prevent a grid from being concealed, which theoretically lets them refine/assembler 24x7. However since Q3 2020 there has been a bug that prevents them from starting up again after a restart until a player visits them. Thus your grids will continue to refine/assemble from when you log off (assuming you visited those grids at least once) until server restart. It will then stop until a player (usually yourself) visits those grids again

Fear not! This is a client side HUD thing only – you aren't actually going any faster. Just the speedometers broke.

So you've lost your grid. And now you cant remember where it is to get back to it. Luckily you can use a contract block to find it!

As long as:

  • Its powered (And follows all other grid preservation *Link here*)
  • It is your majority ownership
  • Another player hasn't found it and hacked it
  • Its stationary (Although this can be used to triangulate it if its moving)

Then you can find it with a contract block following these simple steps:

  1. Place a contract block on a powered grid and press F on the screen it has
  2. Go to the administration tab (Block must be owned by you)
  3. Change the contract type to "Search"
  4. Select your grid name, make sure search radius is 0 (To get the gps right on your grid)
  5. Create the contract, then go to available contracts and accept it
  6. You now have a GPS to your grid

If a search contract fails it generally means the grid has no power. A repair contract configured the same way as above (except "repair" instead of search) will often function in its place.

  • If you are unable to convert to, or from, station to ship
  • Solution: try re-logging, !fixship, and digging the grid out from voxels (bounding boxes are bigger than the visual models) first before opening a ticket
  • Client-side rendering behavior
  • Solution: Hop out of flight seat to make roids appear and set your voxel quality lower in graphics settings
  • Solution : Toggle connector on and off again
  • The grid looks like it moves but gets sucked back to a spot
  • Solution: run the in-game command "!fixship" while looking at the grid.
  • Issue: it's merged with voxels
  • Solution:The entire bounding box of any block needs to be clear of voxels. You can see this box by grabbing a welder or grinder in hand and going over to any block.
  • This is the bounding box of an interior light:
  • This is the bounding box of a light armor block:
  • This interior light counts as being in voxels and would prevent a grid from being converted to ship:
  • Don't jump into asteroid belts.
  • Make sure you waypoints you use are ~2km+ away from any asteroid
  • Jump drives don't detect those asteroids.
  • Player error after the first time or two it happens.
  • Please make sure your grids in gravity wells are safely attached via landing gear to a surface. Due to our concealment plugin, grids in a gravity well will lose engine power and fall into the planet.
  • The asteroid looks like its there, but it just sucks you in / doesn't mine properly
  • Solution: Relog, roid should clear - client-side cache issue

This is a weaponcore bug, the turret failed to initialize and it may not work properly, settings missing in control panel, etc.

To fix it: get out of your rover, and while looking at it, type twice in chat: !fixship

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