Known Bugs / Common Issues

The most common bugs can be corrected by re-spawning.

  • If there is more than one person around, try having them all log off and re-login to reset the local synch.
  • If you deploy your landing gear too close to something, it will merge with that grid.
  • Solution: You will need to grind down the landing gear to un-merge them.
  • If you are unable to convert to, or from, station to ship
  • Solution: try re-logging, !fixship, and digging the grid out from voxels (bounding boxes are bigger than the visual models) first before opening a ticket
  • The jump gates can cause a shield issue after jumping. The shields have a chance to be brought down.
  • Solution: The current best way to fix this is to grind off the shield modules and replace them, (THIS DOES NOT MEAN GRIND TO HACK, FULLY GRIND IT OFF)
  • This mechanic is currently risky, and you are advised to scout ahead to see if you are clear to jump, also call in support to assist.
  • This problem is a known issue, and the admin staff is not responsible for the consequences. Please be careful out there everyone and use all resources available to travel protected and safe.
  • Solution: On occasion, re-logging also works to resolve the issue.
  • This issue is also documented on our Server Transit page

Client-side rendering behavior

Solution: Hop out of flight seat to make roids appear and set your voxel quality lower in graphics settings

  • Solution : Toggle connector on and off again

The grid looks like it moves but gets sucked back to a spot

  • Solution: run the in-game command "!fixship" while looking at the grid.
  • Issue: it's merged with voxels
  • Solution: Needs a writeup showing the bounding box picture.
  • Don't jump into asteroid belts.
  • Jump drives don't detect those asteroids.
  • Player error after the first time or two it happens.

Please make sure your grids in gravity wells are safely attached via landing gear to a surface. Due to our concealment plugin, grids in a gravity well will lose engine power and fall into the planet.

  • Solution : convert to permanent to stop

The asteroid looks like its there, but it just sucks you in / doesn't mine properly

  • Solution: Relog, roid should clear - client-side cache issue
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