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Expanse Stations:

The expanse server currently has two types of stations. The three primary trade stations in the belt, and the three Beratnas Gas stations throughout the system:

Trade Stations:
The belt has three trade stations spread out across it; Tycho, Ceres, and Vesta. These are the trading locations. You can buy and sell items at these stations. Each one is a little different in what they sell or buy, and they usually have different prices available. These stations are vital to progression. They also house Beratnas Gas stores where you can buy fuel cans to refuel your ship by placing them in the Extractor block.

Beratans Gas Stations:
These stations act as refueling points throughout the system. There are 3 of them, each near a point of interest (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus).
You can buy fuel cans from these stations. These also server as spawn points which allow spawning without using a new start spawn.

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