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The Expanse Servers

The Expanse Server set is split into 6 different server instances, all connected by the Nexus plugin. This allows us to create a much more perfomant and larger world, with a much greater capacity for players than would otherwise be possible.

Those of you unfamiliar with the plugin, it simply means that when you reach the edge of a server, you get transferred into another server instance, you can see your current server instance anytime by pressing F3 ingame and looking at the description at the top.

It is highly recommended that you enable the "Seamless" plugin, that allows you to transfer server borders without having to reload.

DXL - The Lobby

This is the place you start when you connect for the first time, on Medina station, you can choose to either spawn in the belt, or one of the more risky asteroid clusters, for returning players, you can take a suit spawn to get back to your grids.

Please remember that many player commands will not work here, such as limits and hangar commands. Please proceed to the server proper, and then try again.

DX1 - High Speed Zone

This is our all encompassing sector, everywhere that is not somewhere else, is this. DX1 serves as our "High Speed Zone", by utilizing RTS configs, we can change the maximum speeds possible to specific grids in certain sectors, and in this sector we like to go fast.

Here, your grid is quite capable of exceeding 2000ms making inter system travel rather quick, be careful not to accidentally pass into other sectors with reduced speed zones, as you will lose a lot of your momentum, and fuel isn't cheap.

Beware however, that subgrids, such as those on connectors, hinges, rotors and pistons are often liable to snap off under high G or just at high speed, obliterating your vessel as you go. Merge grids together for a safer transit.

DX2 - The Belt

This sector is where most people begin their journey, there are plenty of resource rich asteroids and the 3 primary trade hubs. The hubs themselves are encompassed in their own sector, so you will have to transition to those servers when you approach.

The belt itself starts at 1800km from system center, and ends at 2290km from system center. You can make a waypoint for the system center by adding 0,0,0 to your GPS.

The speed limit here is like the other zones, dont forget to type /rts config at any time to view the settings.

DX3 - Earth and Mars

This is where the inners live, as well as the two planetoid celestial bodies, you can also find Phobos, Deimos and Luna in these instances. Be careful though, in the unlikely event you survive the UNN and MCRN forces stationed here (WIP), the gravity of these planets will surely crush your brittle belter bones.

DX4 - Tycho, Ceres, Vesta and Ganyemede Station

These much smaller zones are nestled inside of the DX2 belt server. Each of these hubs is spread across the belt, a safe haven, or a death trap, but whatever it may be, profit is surely the outcome.

Don't forget, you can type !gps to get the publicly available GPS locations.

There are some special rules for the DX4 zone, it covers the 40km spherical area around these hubs and the first thing you will notice is that none of your weapons work here. This is a forced no fire zone. However, outside of the stations safe zone bubble, collision damage and maglocks will still function. Using this to engage in PvP in these areas is considered prohibited behavior, and you will be dealt with accordingly by staff. Inside the safe zone, drilling, welding, grinding, maglocks and collisions are disabled.

There is however a caveat to the above non PvP rules, these zones are not parking lots, and you are not safe here just because of these rules, those caveats are as follows:

  • Station connectors will automatically disconnect after a short period.
  • Ships left unattended for 30 minutes, are considered in breach of parking rules and may now be claimed as legitimate salvage.
  • To claim a ship, whisper yourself the name of the ship or player and instance, and wait 30 minutes, if no one claims the ship in that time, you may remove the grid from the DX4 instance and do with it as you please.
  • You may board a docked ship and attempt to stow away. Once outside of the DX4 instance you may do as you please.
  • If you are discovered aboard a ship and you are instructed to leave you MUST leave.

DX5 - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Greek and Trojan Cluster

Far beyond the reaches of the inners, and safe behind the belt, these Gas giants are in themselves somewhat unremarkable aside from the belter pirates that roam their space. Inside this zone you will find other celestial bodies.

Jupiter - Europa, Ganymede and Io.

Saturn - Rhea, Titan and Saturns Ring.

Uranus - And its belt.

For the risk takers starting out, 2 asteroids clusters, Greek and Trojan are available for the more juiced up belter amongst you.

DX6 - Ring Space (WIP)

Wouldn't you like to know more about this :)

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