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Server Rules

1.) Do not be an asshole; racism, bigotry, harassment, personal attacks, religion, politics, exploits, NSFW, advertising, explicit language, impersonating other players/factions/staff, or pinging/DMing staff will not be tolerated. No alt accounts are permitted, in game or in Discord. This server is run by adults who volunteer their time, we will not tolerate bullshit. In addition, all communication in public channels must be in English for ease of moderation.

2.) Player action (Klang, massive Builds, heavy scripting, exploits, etc.…) that negatively affects the server will be reviewed by staff, you will be instructed on how to remedy the issue and given a reasonable timeline to do so. Non-compliance will result in the removal of offending grids without compensation. Learn more about performance considerations and gameplay restrictions here

3.) Building on any of the restricted planets is PROHIBITED. This is to ensure that, for lore and other obvious reasons, Belters aren't building where they shouldn’t be. Any and all players that attempt to circumvent the mechanics we set in place will be subject to warnings/bans /etc. by the Draconis staff. Atmospheric flight on these planets is also PROHIBITED. This rule is also mechanically enforced. Ships entering the atmousphere of a restricted planet will be destroyed. All grids lost due to those circumstances will be lost permanently
Prohibited Planets:
- Earth
- Mars
- Saturn
- Jupiter
- Uranus

4.) Combat zones will be No Compensation Zones. This means that any and all grids within a combat zone will be subject to the No Replacement rule and no staff shall replace/return any grids that have taken damage/seen combat of any circumstance within these zones. PvP of any sort OUTSIDE of these combat zones also falls under the No Replacement rule. (Server issues may overide this upon staff discrection)

5.) As a safety protocol for any “Accidental grid loss” we have instituted what we happily call the “Whoopsie Protocol”. This means that every 30 days you can get a free replacement for a grid lost by accident (i.e., crashed, clang, mining, drove it through a brick wall, flushed down the toilet, eaten by Yahm, etc.). Draconis staff will be very lenient with this protocol but will still not replace any grids lost to PvP.

6.) Do not directly message or ping members of the staff (This rule does not include the Community liaisons). Go to support and open a ticket by following the instructions in that channel. This will create a new temporary channel for you to speak privately and directly with staff. However, if you have a concern and need to contact a member of staff privately feel free to contact the community liaisons.

7.) Parking, maglocking, or connecting in any way shape or form to a station and going AFK for more than 30 minutes can result in the grid being deleted and non- recoverable.

  • DX4 Legitimate Salvage Rules: (The goal of this rules is to help prevent station docks from getting blocked by abandond/AKF ships)
  • Maglocking a grid and flying it out of DX4 is not allowed when the owner is online and active. Doing so will result in a temp ban from the server of up to 1 day with scaling depending on the number of offenses committed.
  • However, you may initiate legitimate salvage if the owner is inactive (even if they are online) by following the steps below:
  1. Contact the grid owner to get their attention using /w "player name" to whisper to them. Include the words "salvage claim" in your message(s) to the owner.
  2. If the grid owner does not reply after 30 minutes and continues to show no activity during that time you are free to maglock and move them out of instance for salvage.
  3. If, while you have their ship maglocked, the owner comes back and asks you to stop before you leave the DX4 instance, you must release their ship back to them.

8.) Setting any of your functional blocks to "share with all" during a combat scenario is considered an exploit of weaponcore targeting. Any use of this during any combat situation PvP or PvE will result in a ban.
Limited use of "share with all" is allowed for non-combat reasons such as a shared refueling station, however, the following rules must be followed.

  1. No grid may have all functional blocks set to "share with all", there must be some functional blocks that do not use that setting.
  2. Beacons and weapons may not be set to "share with all" for any reason
  3. "Share with all" must be disabled for all blocks on a grid when it is intentionally being taken into combat.

9.) All blocks must be owned by an active player at all times and must abide by our Blocklimits found below . In addition our auto cleanup will delete any grids that meet any the following conditions:

  • Blocks on the grid owned by "Nobody"
  • Grids with "Grid" in the name. (Includes anything with letters G-r-i-d in that sequence)
  • No Beacon Block placed on the grid (unfinished/1 computer is enough)
  • Grids less than 25 blocks

10.) Grids are limited to having Epstein drives in only one direction, do not attempt to use subgrids or any other methods, to get around this restriction.

Block Limits

  • Players are limited to 6 ship tools per type (drills, welders, grinders) total personal ownership
  • Players are limited to 10 refineries total personal ownership - Players are limited to 10 assemblers total personal ownership
  • Players are limited to 3 Packagers total personal ownership
  • Players are limited to 10 H2/O2 generators total personal ownership
  • Grids are limited to 12 ship tools total (drills, welders, grinders)
  • Grids vs Personal ship tool ownership is intended to encourage team play (a 12 drill ship, 12 welder printer, etc)
  • Grids are limited to 1 extractor per
  • Grids are limited to 3 Gravity Generators per
  • Grids are limited to 30 production blocks per (assemblers, refineries, h2/02 gens, survival kits, packagers)

Players may not "ransom" or "hold" the limited blocks of another player against their will. A player may have on their grid: blocks owned by themselves and blocks owned by their faction members. You may never hold a limited block under another player's ownership against their will. It must be hacked, destroyed, or otherwise transferred to legal ownership.

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