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Server Overview

Sigma Draconis is proud to present the Draconis Expanse Server.

This server is based upon the hit Sci-fi TV Series "The Expanse", and the books written by James. S.A Corey. If you haven't watched or read these yet, we highly recommend you do.

Those of you who are familiar with the Expanse universe will find some delightful similarities between that world and ours. Utilizing a heavily modified block set and a dedicated development team, we have been able to craft a Space Engineers environment that is designed to put you right in the seat of an up and coming belter.

You will start your experience in a standard issue OPA Rockhopper, and can choose from one of many starting zones. Including Vesta, Ceres and Tycho. Find your map in the main section of your ship and plan your path to greatness.

Key features that are explained more elsewhere in this wiki include:

  • The OPA, MCRN and UNN factions.
  • A highly developed and continuously evolving economy system.
  • Epstein drives!
  • Expanse weaponry.
  • The Sol System.
  • Ring Gates (WIP)
  • Ring Systems (WIP)
  • A community committed to the Expanse experience.

Continue to read the Wiki for more information on the specifics of these features or for more indepth explanations.

Remember to join the discord to experience the full benefit of Sigma Draconis support and its community.

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