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NPC Ships


The expanse system has various NPC ships flying around different areas of the map. Depending on where you are you will see different NPC ships, of varying strength. The system is being expanded, and you can expect to see more NPCs in the near future.

Belter NPCs:

Belter ships are divided into two categories, pirates from The Iron Hearts [THI] pirate alliance, and Belter cargo ships from The Transport Union [TTU].

  • Belter Cargo Ships: These can be found in the following instances (The Belt, around Jupiter, and around Saturn). They just want to deliver cargo, but they are willing and able to defend themselves.
  • Belter Pirate Ships: These can be found in the following instances (around Jupiter and around Saturn). They are aggressive and want to plunder your ships. Beware of them, they are considerably stronger than any cargo ships.

Inner NPCs:

  • MCRN Ships: The MCRN ships spawn in Martian territory around Mars. The MCR Navy will protect their territory with extreme prejudice and are extremely well equipped. Don’t test them if you are not also very well equipped. Most Belters know not to go into Martian territory alone.

Planned NPCs:

  • UNN: The UNN ships will spawn primarily in Earther territory around Earth. They will also protect their territory. The UN Navy is equally as well equipped as the MCRN, and will destroy ships that enter their territory. Again, most Belters know not to go into Earther territory alone.
  • FREE: The Free Navy is run by the ruthless Marco Inaros. They have shown they care only about their own power and are traitors to the belt. They will fight and steal from any Belter who is not a part of the Free Navy. Their location and intentions are rarely known or understood.
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