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We make use of a 'grid blaster' function to encourage PvP where individual grids fall outside of excessive limits. Top Gridding is a GPS Marker on your postion when you go over the PCU Blast threshold at 50,000 PCU. All grids connected by connector, landing gear, merge block, rotor, or any other method will count toward the total amount of the PCU. Projectors can add 1 PCU per block in the blueprint, as well as unpredictable amounts sometimes, so use them with care.

Note that you might be expecting the "main grid" to show this total in the Info screen - it will not! That area will not display the PCU of attached/connected grids. You must actively keep track of how much PCU you've got attached together as you play. Luckily we have a command (!pcucount, as seen on the player commands page) to help you keep track of your grids!

Space Engineers is an imperfect game. If you skirt the line close to the PCU Blast threshold, don't be surprised if your results don't match your expectations. Safest practice is to always leave yourself a 1,000 PCU buffer or more for a margin of error if you're worried about PCU blasting.

Additionally, when traveling in space if you go an unspecified distance from Odin you will similarly broadcast your position to the Entire Server.

These soft enforcements of distance and PCU for grids are to protect performance both client and server side.

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