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Schematic Hunter Mod Placeholder.

Q: What is Schematic Hunter Mod?
A: Schematic Hunter Mod is a custom version of the Progression System which limits blocks based on the "Schematics" you find in Spawnable Cargo Containers throughout the world. Each one unlocks a specific block which allows you to build/repair them.

Q: Wont this be tedious unlocking each individual block the server has to offer?
A: No, only the unique blocks are individual schematics. There are types of Blocks like Armor/Conveyors etc which will unlock in groups from finding any 1 of the Schematics in that group.

These are split into Armor Sizes/Types.

  • SG Normal Armor
  • SG Heavy Armor
  • SG Half Armor
  • SG Normal Panels
  • SG Heavy Panels
  • SG Half Panels
  • SG AQD Armors
  • SG Concrete Armor
  • LG Normal Armor
  • LG Heavy Armor
  • LG Half Armor
  • LG Normal Panels
  • LG Heavy Panels
  • LG Half Panels
  • LG AQG Armor
  • LG Concrete Armor

There are well over 100 blocks here, and all you need to unlock them all is find 16 of the 100 schematics which will then unlock all in that group.

Q: Cant I just create lots of Cargo Containers on a Ship to get Schematics?
A: No they only appear in MES controlled Grids with Cargo Containers.


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