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Quantum Hangar;

UPDATE: Quantum Hangar has been disabled until further notice, the only part which is still operational is the Auto-Hangar for inactive players, which occurs after 72 hours since last login.

Quantum Hangar is the Mod which allows players to store their grids in a "safe place".

Commands In-game are as follows;

1. !h list - Lists all Grids currently in your hangar.
2. !h save - Saves a grid your cursor ingame is currently point at into the Hangar.
3. !h load (x) - Loads a Grid from your Hangar replace (x) with the number of the grid in the hangar list.

Use the Quantum Hangar at your own risk, as there are features built into it which doesn't make loading grids into gravity or voxels a good idea.

Namely, when loading a grid Quantum Hangar performs checks in the location the grid was saved originally, if any object, player, item, grid exists in this area Quantum Hanger will attempt to load the grid in at another location 0-100m away, this is usually upwards.

It is advised to use Quantum Hangar in space only where gravity isn't an issue.

Quantum Hangar also runs a 72 hour auto hangar feature, this means if your Steam ID hasn't logged in to the server within the last 72 hours your grids will all go to your hangar in whatever state they were in when you last left them.

ALWAYS leave your grids in a position to survive if you dont return.

Server Staff won't be held responsible for your grids fate if you dont return to the server for 72 hours, Quantum Hangar's auto hangar feature is here to maintain server performance from grids which aren't in use where a player may or may not return to the server.

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