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Q: I've spawned, what do I do?
A: Find your way into the ships Garage, there in the bottom you will find 4 spawn pads; Triborg-Alpha, Triborg-Beta, Triborg-Gamma and No Clone Ship. As a new player you want 1 of the 3 Triborgs. As a returning player with assets on the server you want No Clone Ship.

Q: I've spawned on one of the moons and my Ship is broken what do I do?
A: This is intended, read the Origins page for an explanation. It is down to you to work out how to fix your Banana Boat, but learn quickly. Focus on the essentials first. There are 5 Banana Boats all with their different challenges to overcome. My advice would be to spend the time investigating your Boat, and or your Grid Menu.

Q: I've been attacked by something with a Red Name?
A: This server you are at default at war with everyone, everyone is a potential enemy.

Q: My Banana Boat won't move wtf?
A: All Banana Boats come with Mag-Locks as standard, make sure you disable them or you wont move an inch.

Q: My Mag-Locks are disabled but I still can't move?
A: If you've damaged your cockpit and repaired it, check the settings, it will by default change "Control Wheels" to no.

Q: My Survival Kit wont process/build anything despite having the materials.
A: Check and Double Check the settings of the Survival Kit, they all work, its you that's overlooked something.

Q: How do I reduce HUD clutter caused by having beacons on everything?
A: Press "I" and go to "Info" tab, reduce the range of "Show distance for friendly antennas" and "Show distance for owned antennas" as low as you would like.


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