Draconis Impossible

Created in August 2020, this server is an amalgamation of ideas largely inspired by the well-known Space Engineers streamer "Splitsie" and his Survival Impossible series over on Youtube, with the intent to produce an extremely challenging multiplayer Space Engineers environment. As a general condition, the same server rules apply here as on the main cluster, excluding fringe cases such as the Build and Repair block limit which is not present within Draconis Impossible.

Splitsie has kindly decided to host his second Grand Tour series on Draconis Impossible, as featured here. The shenanigans with his sidekick Capac Amaru are both mildly hilarious and well worth a watch to get a feel for the server, and exactly what it entails. The modlist for Draconis Impossible is carefully curated to make the game harder in subtle but meaningful ways.

In brief, expect a hard time… some might say impossible! Everything grinds to scrap, jetpacks only work in space (and even then, are significantly weaker), there are Reavers roaming around, hydrogen tanks are extremely volatile and will explode when sneezed at, and gasses have mass too so hydrogen-based vessels struggle in gravity a little more.

One of our lovely community, -_Tiger_- has written a helpful starter guide here if you are new to hardcore survival then we woudl recommend reading it.

Purgatory is the only spawn planet available. When you first join the server, you will be met with an evacuation respawn kit near a few teleporter pads, which will send you to the escape pod where you begin. There are 4 other worlds to colonise, as well as an asteroid belt around Purgatory to explore. The custom ore distribution in the world means you will need to explore, in order to obtain all of the ore types.

Finally, hidden within the world are 4 clues leading to a jump-gate which will take you to the main Sigma Draconis Cluster, should you decide to leave the system.

Main Rules

The main rules still apply as listed here in the first section of this page: Rules

Grid Cleanup Rules

In order to keep server performance high, there are several cleanup rules in place that run frequently (following chat-based alerts). The Grid Preservation page covers most of what you need to know, although there are some quirks specific to Draconis Impossible.

  • Ensure the grid is at least 20 blocks in size.
  • Ensure not a single block is owned by "Nobody"
  • Ensure the grid has a Tracking Beacon placed (does not need to be built fully, one computer is enough). Tracking Beacons replace vanilla beacons in this game world, and their function is outlined below. Tracking Beacon cleanup operates at random, and unnannounced (to prevent cheating the system) - if one is not present when you are building a grid, it can vanish in front of you. Always place your beacon first, or very soon after you start your build.
  • Ensure the grid does not have the word "Grid" or "Escape Pod Mk4" in its name. Case sensitive.
    – Grids containing “Escape Pod Mk4” in the grid name/Info tab will be removed by auto cleanup if you are more than 2km from them.
  • Power is not required, as it can be hard to come by within the Draconis Impossible world.

Tracking Beacon

We have a custom Tracking Beacon mod which changes the distance displayed based on the power consumption of blocks on any given grid, as well as a 'thermal' component based on your thruster use. This beacon will attract enemies of both the NPC and player variety, so be cautious in your power use. Turning the beacon off will cause your grid to depower itself.

While this mod is designed to encourage PvP by drawing attention to large power hungry grids; we would like to point out that deliberate use of this mods link to grid cleanup to De-Spawn grids, by removal/destruction/deactivation of the beacon, as part of a PvP encounter(offline/online) is not permitted on the Impossible Server.

Draconis Impossible is ran off of 2 Machines hosted in a datacenter out of Hillsborough, OR - 2x Xeon E-2288G Processor Machines each with 64gb of RAM, clocked up to a 4.7GHZ speed and hosts 6 Torch instances within a Nexus environment similar to the main cluster.

  • Over 40 mods (some of which are custom built), with suggestions from the community considered for more.
  • No world PCU limit, with reasonable utility block and grid limits to keep server performance high.
  • Although the world size is unlimited, Purgatory, its asteroid belt and the 4 moons are the only voxel-based bodies.
  • PVP is enabled and encouraged. We also make use of a 'Top Grid' function to encourage PvP where individual grids fall outside of excessive sizes.
  • Scripter Role is enabled and monitored for the health of the server, simply ask for the role in the Discord by making a ticket in the #support channel.
  • An automatic Hangar system stores your grids after 3 days of inactivity. More information on the Hangar can be found in the navigation bar to the left.
  • Relative top speed! How fast your grid goes depends on how much mass it has.

Server Settings

  • Player Inventory - x3
  • Cargo Inventory x1
  • Refinery Speed - x3
  • Assembler Speed -x3
  • Grinder Speed - x3
  • Welder Speed - x3
  • Large Grid Max Speed: 180m/s
  • Small Grid Max Speed: 200m/s
  • Player Max Speed: 210m/s

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