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Draconis Impossible Extended

DIE starmap

  • Instance: TDRAC01
  • Your ship has been attacked by vicious AI drones, hurry up to the hangar bay and choose one of the 3 teleport pads to spawn with a rescue pod on one of the Triborgs (Alpha, Beta or Gamma).
  • Odin has 3 of the same moons: Alpha (instance TDRAC03), Beta (instance TDRAC04) and Gamma (TDRAC05).
  • Gravity: 1.5g
  • Atmospheric density: 0.6 – contains traces of oxygen, so an Air Vent set to Depressurize will refill oxygen
  • Known Ores: Magnesium (many spots), Cobalt (one large spot), Stone
    • Spoiler: ores map from the planet data files (note the N arrow is upside down)
  • Special locations:
    • GPS:Floaty Potato Research Facility - Alpha:-172317.953824242:-2149090.84732055:-2754369.21979454:#FF75C9F1:
    • GPS:Floaty Potato Research Facility - Beta:-322975.466011087:-1970156.93193258:-2583378.62672865:#FF75C9F1:
    • GPS:Floaty Potato Research Facility - Gamma:-318950.581245847:-1902726.06363942:-2898007.4984794:#FF75C9F1:
  • Instance: TDRAC05 (shared with Triborg Gamma)
  • Gravity: 0.36g, 0g at 6.3km
  • Atmospheric density: 0.10
  • Known Ores: Ice
  • Instance: TDRAC03 (shared with Triborg Alpha)
  • Gravity: 1.0g
  • Atmospheric density: 0.93
  • Main ores: Fe Ni - Rare ores: Co Mg Si Ag
  • Gravity starts 105km from the center, ~40km above the ground.

Player-made locations:

  • GPS:Prthvi - Coffee House:-1186441.43:-1732133.6:-2024979.3:#FFD5A168:
    • Note: turn off your guns or send peace to PCH faction to be neutral (white) with the station [HANGERED DUE TO PLAYER INACTIVITY]
  • Instance: TDRAC04 (shared with Triborg Beta)
  • Gravity: 1.9g
  • Atmospheric density: ???
  • Known Ores: Co Si Mg
  • Asteroid belt:
    • Gravity: 0.8g - 0g
    • Known Ores: Fe Mg Co Au Ag K P C
  • Instance: TDRAC02
  • Gravity: 80g | .3g at around 98.28km | .1g at around 104.5km from center of Odin.
  • Atmospheric density: ??? at ground level | Starting from 4.63 at around 104.5km. Atmospheric thrusters observed to be 100% functional at around 130km from center of Odin.
  • Known Ores: ???
  • Instance: TDRAC06
  • Gravity: 0g
  • Atmospheric density: N/A
  • Known Ores: Pt Ur Si K
  • GPS:Nebula center:-564779.43:-1943402.38:-5254004.31:#FFF10018:
  • Size: 750km radius from the center, with a core field supposedly 500km from the center
  • Asteroids: seen ~80km radius from the center
  • Warning: due to Nebula interference, Jump Drives effectiveness is heavily reduced (charge requires 10MWh power instead of 3MWh, and distance to weight ratio drastically reduced)
  • Warning: there have been sightings of Abominations for up to 990km around the center, few engineers remain alive to tell the tale

Currently known:

  • GPS:Cakes Ring:330935.04:-2855109.06:-2453810:#FF75F18F:
  • GPS:highCards Stones:-159202.47:-1833189.28:-2690413.98:#FFFFFFFF:
  • GPS:Nuka's Pebbles (Odin):-301327.16:-2182836.73:-2809508.56:#FF9F75F1:
  • GPS:Rusty's Rocks:-589152.54:-1968976.31:-4277128.04:#FF6941F1:
  • GPS:Scorpius Cluster:587137.98:-1495650.27:-2767217.91:#FFF1B632:

There are [3] more clusters to be publicly shared.

  • Instance: TDRAC02

GPS:Strange Signal:361357:-1572218:-2699972:#FF38D0A8:_PARATABLE_INSPARATABLE_INS_Home Base of PAIOS [NPC] -

GPS:Draconis Trade Station:229242:-1988358:-2392595:#FFF175E2:__

Safe zone for player trading.

3D Star map

3D star map available here. [not mobile friendly]

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