ARK Tribe Roles

  • Explorer: Focused on discovering the secrets of the Arks and the "Why", Why are you here. Exploring ruins,caves, and the other Arks to better understand.
  • Merchant: A busy-body who spends most time farming up Animals and Resources to trade with other tribes in the effort to improve relations and further their own tribe.
  • Nomad: A traveler who doesn't place roots in any specific Ark. Lives out of smaller bases and even mobile bases. Could be considered a less "Motivated" survivalist with much smaller tribes.
  • Survivalist: No real interest in understanding the Arks or trying to leave them. They have embraced where they are and who they are. They have simple goals, Stay alive and prosper.
  • Mercenary: Takes pride in their work. That work being killing or capturing specified targets for less combatant tribes with the reward of loot or personal gain in mind. Mercenaries can be both viewed as hostile or friendly and the interpretation of such is left up to onlookers as at the end of the day it is the contract that binds them. For a price anyone is prey.
  • Church: These survivors have gone to religious views to accept the Arks. The type and hostility of said religions vary's based on the Religion itself. They are deeply devoted to their cause and will act accordingly to the beliefs of said Religion.
  • Pirate: Organized group of bandits and killers. Loves loot more than anything and as a group will stop at nothing to get more.
  • Outlaw: Outlaws are usually small groups of 1-3 tribesmen. This role is simple in that they look out for themselves and will do anything to stay alive. Kill or be killed as they would say.
  • Viking: A group that attacks for the thrill of the fight over obtaining loot. Some clans may return items they deem unworthy.
  • Rogue: A tribe that has been unwillingly labeled hostile by committing hostile actions while labeled a friendly or neutral tribe.
  • It is highly advisable to declare a role for your faction straight away by adding it as a prefix to your tribes name. (+) for friendly (*) for neutral and (-) for hostile. If you do not you may be treated as hostile and the community may declare a role for you based on your actions.
  • If you want to change role and go from a friendly role to a hostile one simply be hostile but if you want to go from a hostile role to a friendly one then you will have to earn that role and be given it by the community by way of a vote.
  • Any single person in a tribe could end up deciding the fate of that tribe so be careful with who you let in your tribe and make sure everyone in the tribe is on board with abiding by the given role.
  • Hostile tribes may not trade with friendly tribe and will only be able to purchase hostile packs from the reward vault.
  • Hostile tribes can attack anyone at any time without warning and can be attacked at any time by anyone without warning. Friendly tribes must give a minimum of 12 hours warning to any other friendly tribe they declare war on before attacking.
  • Neutral tribes can be treated as either hostile or friendly by anyone and can also trade with anyone that is willing to trade with them. Associating with a neutral tribe will not automatically declare your tribe hostile.
  • Anyone can be in a number of different tribes as long as all of the tribes have the same role. No one may be in 2 or more tribes of a different type.

The Event Map

This is where many events will be held such as arena fights, dungeon crawls, boss fights and much more. There is a reserved space for players to set up their own outpost on the map where they can prepare for any challenge or fall back on to resupply. The event map is also home to custom bosses which can be summoned using ARc and provide rewards to match their difficulty.

The Arena

  • Everyone is allowed to patriciate in the arena and challenge anyone else in the challenge channel
  • The rules of any given fight are set by the challenger and challengee through agreement.
  • Unless otherwise is agreed to anything on a players character will remain that players property even when killed.
  • When possible record your fight and post the results to the arena results channel
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