ARK Lore

Upon waking on these beaches almost nothing is known. Where are you? Why are you here? How did you get here?

Many have attempted to find the keys to these secrets. Even fewer have lived through the trials to find the Truth behind The Island. One, a talented biologist from the year 2000 named Helena Walker, was the first to realize the true meaning of the Island. A young woman, Mei-Yin Li, from old world China, became known as The Beast Queen for her army of beasts. A young and upcoming Centurion from Ancient Rome, Gaius Marcellus Nerva who became a legend for being the first to conquer the Island for his tribe. And Sir Edmund Rockwell, a renowned chemist from 19th century London who was credited for crafting concoctions and finding the link between the Artifacts and the Obelisks.
Others have followed these steps and tests but most have fallen to the many perils of the Island. There are several Biomes for you to discover and exploit for your own survival. May it be living high in the Redwood Trees to avoid the savage beasts in the thicket below or in the remote Tundra landscape using the harsh landscape to your defensive advantage. Perhaps you may even prefer the harsh swamps or hot southern jungles. Whichever your choice, life on The Island is not easy.
Constant threat from large carnivores, giant insects, unpredictable weather, and the need for food and shelter will be sure to keep you on your toes. Push forward and live as you see fit, Survivor. Build a homestead for you and your tribemates. Tame prehistoric beasts to work for you, defend you, and act as beasts of burden. Wage war with your rivals and competitors for territory and loot. Trade and work with other tribes and unveil all the secrets of this Ark. Who knows what new worlds lie ahead.

Oh yes, its hot. They didn't start calling this Ark a "Scorched Earth" for nothing. The desert of this Ark is like no other you could imagine.

The heat alone feels beyond comparable belief. It could be said that the only survivors who seem to manage a life in this place are the ones who came from places similar to Scorched’s desert ecosystem. Fewer people have managed to move on from this Ark than any other. It can be said that something about the Scorched Earth seems to bring people together.
Twice survivors have banded together in such great numbers and created utopias for themselves. The first of these cities was brought to life by an Egyptian priestess, Ria, and her followers. The city's name was Nosti and it brought with it some of the most peaceful days the Ark had ever seen. The second city's name has been lost to time, with only Ria herself left alive to know its name and she has not been seen since Helena Walker left this Ark so long ago. It is said the second city was even more profitable than Nosti was and that Rai even attempted to warn the people of their error. She had learned the hard way that the Obelisks were nothing to worship, they were something to fear. She knew the Ark did not allow such strides of peace within its confines. Rai is the embodiment of what Scorched Earth seeks to mold you into. It was said that amidst all of her people a single man held her love and when the Wyverns were unleashed from the depths of the desert and set loose from the World Scar he was taken from her.
In spite of this she killed as many as she could and raised their young to do her bidding. Through this she became a savior to all the weak she could see from her perch on the backs of her wyverns. IF you manage to overcome all the trials Scorched Earth has to offer; the Electrical storms and Sand Storms, the sheer number of fast footed predators, and of course the immense heat, then you may even challenge the beast that guards this Ark, the Manticore. Will you be brave enough to conquer Scorched Earth?

If ever the Arks overestimated themselves it most certainly took place on the Ark now called "Aberration".

Aberration was not always the horrific scene it is today. In fact it has been changing ever since the "Wipe" happened at the hands of the most advanced survivors the Arks have ever seen. Aberration started as another beautiful but dangerous Ark. Until one day the "Tek" survivors decided to break the Ark's rules and in turn break the Ark itself. They did not wish to face this Ark's Overseer fairly, as was intended. They took with them a device never before replicated, a device known as a "Tek Nuke". The moment they set the device off everything this Ark was became twisted.
The notes say that many managed to escape the blast and the survivors that were wise enough to see it coming ran to the shelter of the large cave at the center of the Ark. Many did not make it. The top of the Ark was blown to pieces and with that the surface could no longer be considered safe, even from the sunlight. With time, cave life grew and survivors learned to adapt. Much of the fauna and flora grew to be bioluminescent and many changed completely with time. In light of this you to will need to adapt in ways you never thought you would need to in order to survive here.
Earthquakes plague these caverns, making it unstable in many ways. Mushroom spores that not only send you into a defecating, dehydrated, and hallucination filled fit but also spores that freeze the very blood within you. Irradiated sections deep in the caverns filled with numerous horrors of this Aberration. Not to mention the xenomorphic monsters that emerge from the toxic soil to impregnate you to propagate their own species in the most brutal of fashions. No amount of preparation is enough to take on this Ark without prior experience. Assuming you live through all of these horrific trials perhaps you could even attempt to dethrone this Ark's new Master. It's said he was going mad from paranoia or perhaps it was too much pressure being surrounded by so many other intelligent people. Either way Rockwell injected raw Element directly into his bloodstream. He is now a true beast of power and fear. A absolute Horror above all the others. A true Dark Master of the Arks. How will you defeat him?

Earth… has fallen. Every version of the world remembered by you survivors is no more. It is nothing more than a desolate and arid wasteland filled with ruins, sorrow, and element corrupted beasts.

Very little is known about what happened to our homeworld aside from the blame being our own and element being the catalyst of its fall. Most Human life seems to have left this planet other than the very few who have managed to beat the system made by the Arks and their trials. The only story you need to know is out of respect for those that paved the way for you all to follow. With the help of Helena Walker and The Beast Queen, the "Tek" age people of Aberration eventually managed to move forward by creating the device known as "The Portal". Without this device no one would have ever made it past the broken system placed by the Arks themselves, or so it has been said. With the help of this Portal the system has been re-routed to send you back "Home".
Though this is not the home you remember Survivor. Meteors rain from the sky unpredictably and only the barriers of the Safe Zones will protect you, Waves of horrific monsters and robotic sentries hunt for you. If all of this was not enough to express the sheer danger of this "Extinction" level Earth, legend says the Element devouring the Earth is "thinking" and "planning" your downfall. Huge champions of the Element's will, deemed "Titans", have claimed this land as their own. Assuming you defeat each of these massive beasts and bring their heads forth to the resting place of their King, you will be granted a fight for survival that is beyond measure. The King of the Titans is like no other you have fought thus far and he will push you to your limits. Defeat him and begin the liberation of Earth. Become its Hero. Survive and be its savior.

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