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Greetings Internet (Look mom, I'm famous!)

Well, I think the header introduces me just well, however in case you missed it, I am YouFoundme. I am the resident troll / homeless guy who helps out everywhere he's not needed. I spend the majority of my days yelling at people and making them do physical training for not being a decent human being and following simple rules. Prior to this, I worked in Cyber Security, where I focused on designing and implementing an enterprise-level SIEM to hunt nefarious people. I do not enjoy long walks on the beach, but I can be bribed with copious amounts of chocolate and sugar.

Operations and Finance
SE Utility Bot Author/Maintainer
Data Analytics Specialist
Players Advocate
Tech Team - Security

- Apex Legends (Loba Main)
- Minecraft (Modded)
- Farming Sim 2019
- The Forest
- Planetside 2 (Vanu)

- The rest of my Steam Library

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