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Im Joyfulasteroid but at this point everyone just calls me joyful.
I do x job in y sector working for 50 hours a week (10 hours a day) and I like to come home and troll the staff help the staff with the various tickets and issues that come up during the day.

I am aiming to try and change my career and hopefully move into a job as a software dev. While most of the time you cant shut me up in vc, iI tend to be quiet if there is a large group in vcgIlTqor

and will let other people talk if they talk over me rather than opting to confront them.

Keeping the schedule for meetings/ other things like q&A's (when they are arranged).

Helping hedge keep track of his to do list (because he is a busy man)

Current UtilityBot author and maintainer

Trolling mordor

Helping with tickets and/or staff doing tickets

Self-motivated discord bot development (re-wrote the utility bot, made a bot that kept the schedule for me)

Honorary (in my head) member of the tech team.


I also stalk the discord and keep an eye out for trouble makers.


Games I play: ====

- Project Zomboid

- Factorio

- Eco

- Payday 2

- Whatever azazel nags me to play

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