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We have a lot being worked on and more content, challenges and chaos (yes I said chaos) are in the works for you to enjoy!

We have made a lot of progress in helping you all out from clang, server crashes, jumping into roids, and soo many other problems that come your way.

But, there is still room to improve! And to do that,


  • Do you Absolutely LOVE Space Engineers?
  • Have you been in the draconis discord for at LEAST! - ONE month?
  • Are you willing to to step into the fray and help other poor unfortunate souls in the struggle that is Space Engineers?
  • Are you willing to help others and give up your precious time for the sake of this crazy world we have here?
  • Are you 18+?

If you answered yes to these questions then we need YOU! As a Volunteer Support Staff you would work on various tasks. Many of these tasks include helping during events, answering support requests through tickets, troubleshooting problems in the game, and working with other teams on projects. This opportunity is well suited to people passionate about helping others, ensuring they have a good time, and improving the community.

Join the Sigma Draconis team today by visiting here and asking for a Mod App

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