Idiot | Idiotonastic [He/They]

Hello I am the Idiot.
I am a hardware engineer by trade and I have over 2000 hours on Space Engineers.
I have been part of many communities and have hosted or supported large game servers since i was in my early teens.

Despite my outward appearance i do not mean to be condescending or abrasive in any conversation you have with me, I merely lack the ability to function "normally" or mask my self effectively in social situations like all of you Neuro-Typical folk. I am Autistic and while I hate bringing it up it apparently helps people understand me when they know.

My roles currently entail:

  • Head of DI [because nobody else wanted it]
  • Mr Wiki part 2 electric Boogalo
  • Tech Team obscure request dept.
  • That dude who is always online and gets random jobs thrown at them.

Other games I enjoy:

  • RuneScape 3
  • Minecraft
  • Arma 3
  • TES series
  • Factorio

Some of my more notable projects include:

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