HedgeHelo there. :)

I'm Hedge, founder, owner and titular leader of the Sigma Draconis Staff.

I am a 41 year old wildland firefighter, born and raised in Alaska at a time when folks used to carry a shotgun on their back.

I have an opinion on everything.

I once lived on a mountain for a whole year with nothing more than I could carry, along with my trusty companion Snax the dog.snax1.jpg

Sigma got started because of admin abuse on another server.
I hate admin abuse.

Rising to the top of the SE server rankings has not been easy.
I swear that wrangling the 50+ staff members here is much more difficult than managing 20 firefighters in the woods. :)

My days are usually spent here in the discord, getting reports from the various department heads and doing what I can to assist the Admin team.
Some of the things I deal with are: Interpersonal conflict, inter departmental politics, policy oversight, finance, growth planning, leadership training and I'm usually the guy who has to make the tough decisions.

I am also the voice for Sigma Simon.

Turn ons:
A well laid out ship interior.
purpose designed support ships.

Turn offs:
People who take cheap shots at our beloved staff.
when folks use the letter "K" instead of taking the time to type out "OK".

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