Hello. I am currently a 22 year old Mechanical Engineering student attending university in Florida. I like planes, 3D modeling, making cocktails, and weeb shite. (loli stuff is cancer)


After joining the staff team in early 2020 I have performed a number of roles for the server. Initially starting out as a moderator as all staff are, I was quickly abducted by Azazel onto the lore team due to the low number of available hands at the time. Soon after I took the place of the staff team's Support and Events administrator for a few months while continuing to perform my role as a member of the lore team. During this time, and with the assistance of Azazel, Kontu, Teknikal, and Zardo, we hired and trained a significant portion of the newer administrative staff that you see today. Eventually, the the Support administrator position was passed on to Mordordevil. During my time here I have also performed some of the diplomatic roles of the Operations department with ensuring that certain heated situations are resolved in the most satisfactory way possible for both the staff team and most importantly the players.

Currently, I like to refer to myself as the "party tricks" administrator as I continue to run events, build/furnish assets for Player Engagement use, and 3D model for Sigma Draconis.

Being 100% Trustworthy.

Fun Facts!:

  • Planets are cool. Gea was an inside job.
  • Can survive on sausage rolls and trifle.
  • The Spitfire MkIX LF is the best Spitfire ever made. You opinion is irrelevant.
  • Yoko is best girl in Gurren Lagann, if you are a Nia fan then you should reconsider your life choices.
  • Aqua is useless
  • Unlike Idiot, if you find me being openly abrasive with you then I really just don't like you.

Other games I enjoy:

  • Digitial Combat Simulator (DCS)
  • Genshin Impact
  • War Thunder
  • Planetside 2 (Spandex)
  • Avorion
  • Supreme Commander FAF
  • Minecraft modded (non of that edgy magic tho, just pure HARDCORE technology)
  • Civilization V
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